Types of Funds

Agency Fund | For nonprofit agencies in support of their agency

Established by any not-for-profit agency, an Agency Endowment or Agency Advised Fund protects the principal of the fund and disburses annual income to an organization while allowing the funds to be professionally managed and invested for growth. Pooling resources in this way is a joint benefit for growing the financial resources to protect and  enhance our communities, while taking the burden of investment management off of the agency. $5,000 minimum, 1.5% administrative fee

Charitable Remainder Trust | For an income stream for life

The trust is a type of trust to which you may contribute all, or a portion of, your real estate and avoid capital gains tax upon the sale of the property. The trust can sell your property tax-free and then provide you and your spouse with income for life. You will receive an income tax deduction for a portion of the amount paid into the trust. Best of all, any remaining funds will go to help your favorite charity.

Designated Fund | For people who give to the same agencies regularly

Donors who want to financially support one or more specific charitable organizations on a regular basis usually choose to establish a Designated Fund. This allows ongoing giving to the programs you are most passionate about supporting during your lifetime and beyond. $5,000 minimum, 1.5% administrative fee

Donor Advised Fund | For flexible giving to various organizations

A Donor Advised Fund is like having your own foundation. This fund allows you (or a designee) to serve as advisor to recommend grants from the fund. The fund is invested for growth, allowing you to make gifts to the principal to the fund for greater grant making. Beyond your lifetime, your children (or beneficiaries you determine) can continue to make grants from the fund. If you give $5,000 or more a year to various charitable causes, this fund is for you! $5,000 minimum, 1.5% administrative fee

Field of Interest Fund | For giving in a specific field you love to support

Do you love to support the arts? Education? The environment? A field of interest fund allows your contribution to support the many organizations that are working to improve and enhance a particular area of interest, but leaves the selection of the grant recipients to the foundation. With over 25 years of working with regional charitable programs, your community foundation understands the needs of the community and who is doing great work to meet those needs. When you establish a field of interest fund, you are recognized for supporting a variety of organizations within your area of interest. $5,000 minimum, 1.5% administrative fee

For Good, For Ever Fund | For supporting the good work of the foundation

Responsible, safe, and reliable stewardship of our region’s charitable endowment is our number one priority. Your community foundation exists to ensure there are financial resources to continue to improve, protect, and enhance our communities – forever. The Fund for the Future provides unrestricted support for the ongoing administrative needs of the foundation, helping keep our fees low and provide maximum charitable benefit for our donors and the community.

Methow Valley Fund | For supporting the Methow Valley area nonprofits

The Methow Valley is a special place. Blessed with beauty and adored by outdoor enthusiasts and artists, people who work, live, and play in the Valley want to sustain its unique spirit and ensure its responsible growth and vitality. The Methow Valley Fund was established to provide sustainable funding for a healthy, vibrant Methow Valley. The fund provides an annual grant program that awards nearly $40,000 to support Methow Valley programs that meet the fund’s mission. The fund is advised by a diverse group of local volunteers who live and work in the valley and are passionate about supporting the charitable work in the community.

Scholarship Fund | For helping students achieve their dreams of education

Establishing a Scholarship Fund may be one of the most rewarding charitable giving experience. Each year, we received thousands of applications for our scholarships from students who are in need of financial assistance to attend college or university. Every scholarship is unique: You determine the criteria. Whether you want to support students in a specific area, or heading to your alma mater, or giving someone a second chance – starting a scholarship fund gives you an opportunity to significantly and directly impact someone’s life. Awarded annually, a scholarship committee selects recipient(s) based on the criteria you set. Your participation in selection is optional. $10,000 minimum, 1.5% administrative fee

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