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The Road Less Traveled: Building and Implementing a Fund Development Plan

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You wouldn’t leave your house and drive your car aimlessly hoping you’d eventually find your great aunt Ethel’s house in Tulsa, even though you’ve never even been to Oklahoma. (Or would you?) As a nonprofit professional, why would you just start doing random things to try to raise money for your organization and hope that the outcome is enough money? Spend a day with Kari Anderson, Principal with Incite! Consulting Group. You’ll walk away with an annual fund development plan to implement IMMEDIATELY at your nonprofit!

A blueprint for a house. A map to get from point A to point B. A schematic for installing a koi pond in your backyard. Directions for how to assemble the 8,000 pieces of your IKEA dining room table (don’t worry about that one left over piece…). If you want to do something right, you generally follow a plan. In this case, a fund development plan.

What is a fund development plan exactly? It’s basically a map or a blueprint of how you will get to your ultimate goal. What needs to happen first? You guessed it—you need to identify your organizational and fund development needs and goals. Spend a day with Kari Anderson, Principal with Incite! Consulting Group. We’ll demystify what a fund development plan is.  You’ll discuss how a fund development plan (should) dovetail with your nonprofit’s strategic plan.  We’ll map out the right revenue streams for your nonprofit, how to fundraise for a healthy cash flow and how to manage your time to get this work done!

About the Presenter

Kari Anderson – Principal, Incite! Consulting Group
Through Incite! Consulting Group, Kari Anderson provides organizational leadership, fundraising strategies and systems audits to small and medium size nonprofits. Her coaching with nonprofit leaders uses best practices, industry research, real-time stories and the school of hard knocks. Kari spent 20+ years at seven grassroots and national nonprofits, and currently trains nonprofit leaders via the Washington and Idaho Nonprofit Centers, the Community Foundations of Jackson Hole and Teton Valley and the University of Idaho’s Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program.

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