Workplace Giving Program

How it Works

Your employees will decide on an amount to deduct from their payroll each pay period. You may decide to match these donations to promote a culture of philanthropy at your organization. Their deductions plus your matching amount are sent to CFNCW after each pay period. We set up a specific fund to deposit and track each employee’s donations plus the matching amount. We then project what the total of each employee’s charitable “bank account” will be at the end of the calendar year.

This amount gets loaded onto a Giving Card that will be distributed both electronically and physically to employees at the end of September. There are no fees associated with this program, so 100% of the donation goes on to the Giving Card and is used to support CFNCW programs and nonprofits.

What Your Employees Can Support

With their Giving Card in hand, your employee will be able to use their card to support any number of funds and charitable campaigns that are managed by CFNCW, including:

  • Give NCW
  • Give Methow
  • Stronger Schools Grants
  • Helping Hands Grants
  • Partners In Giving
  • CFNCW General Fund
  • Any fund managed by the Foundation

For example: If your employee would like to provide direct support to a local nonprofit, it is very likely that nonprofit has a charitable fund here at CFNCW that they can support. We manage funds for over 70 different nonprofits in North Central Washington, such as the Chelan Douglas Land Trust, the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society, the YMCA, YWCA, Women’s Resource Center, Boy Scouts of America and many more.

If your employee is part of a service organization or alumni group that has a scholarship fund with CFNCW, they can use their Giving Card to support that scholarship. We guarantee that we can connect your employee to a charitable cause they care about…after all, this is what CNFCW is all about!

Furthermore, if your employee happens to have a Donor Advised Fund at CFNCW, they may choose to contribute the amount on their Giving Card directly to their Donor Advised Fund, which can be used to make contributions to any 501(c)(3) public charity in the United States (including schools, churches and synagogues).

CFNCW is happy to provide direct and personalized support to your employees to help guide them through the process and ensure that their giving experience is as meaningful as possible.
The Giving Card is active for a calendar year, but if employees lose track of the card, we will contact them with a reminder. Unused balances will be directed to CFNCW’s general fund, which will support a variety of charitable programs we manage.



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