Cashmere Schools Foundation SCHOLARSHIP

The Cashmere Schools Foundation began awarding scholarships to graduating seniors of Cashmere High School in 2000. The mission of the Cashmere Schools Foundation is to provide scholarships and other post-secondary support to graduates and strengthen the capacity of the Cashmere School District to provide a quality education for all students.

Application Opens: January 1st
Application Due Date: April 1st

  1. Graduating senior of Cashmere High School
  2. Must have attended Cashmere High School for a minimum of two years
  3. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of demonstrated scholastic ability, achievement, and an assessment of future success and demonstrated desire, interest, and planning for post-secondary education.
  4. Must plan to enroll at an accredited two- or four-year college or university or a vocational, technical, or trade school in the United States
  5. All awarded funds must be used within four years of the original award date
  6. Previous year recipients can submit a competitive application for a renewal scholarship

An application to the Cashmere Schools Foundation makes the student eligible for all of the 22 scholarships provided by the Cashmere Schools Foundation. Details on each scholarship, including background and criteria for each individual award, are listed below.

*Please note the italicized instructions under scholarships that request covering specific topics in your application essay.

Cashmere Schools Foundation Scholarships – Two $3,000 awards and six $2,000 awards – There is no special criterion for these awards.

Cashmere Schools Foundation From the Heart Scholarship – One $2,000 award – This scholarship has been established to recognize a student who has exemplified extraordinary service, one who has gone over and above that which is required, perhaps displayed an individual act of kindness that came directly from his/her heart. Include in your essay a description of how you have reached out to your community in your heartfelt desire to put others before yourself.

Cashmere Schools Foundation Hardship Scholarship – One $2,000 award – This scholarship will be given to assist a student who may have or is presently experiencing undue hardships that negatively impact his/her post-secondary education plans. Include those hardships in your essay and explain how this scholarship will help you attain your educational goals.

Cashmere Schools Foundation IT-Technology Scholarship – One $2,000 award – This scholarship has been established to assist students who are pursuing an education in the technology field. Include in your essay your technology goals and how this scholarship will help you attain them.

Cashmere Schools Foundation Open Door Scholarship – One $2,000 award – This scholarship is designed to assist a student who will be the first in their family to attend post-secondary education (vocational/technical school, college, or university). Include in your essay your story and what a secondary education will mean to you and your family.

Cashmere Schools Foundation Spirit of Ron Doane Scholarship – Two $2,000 awards – Ron Doane was the founder of the Cashmere Schools Foundation. His vision was that all students who graduate from CHS would receive a scholarship regardless of GPA. These scholarships will specifically be awarded to students who show a high degree of potential and commitment to furthering their education.

Cashmere Schools Foundation Veterans Scholarship – One $2,000 award – This scholarship is set aside to assist a student who has parents or grandparents who are serving or have served our country in the military. Identify in your essay who has served, or is serving, and what this means to you.

Cashmere Schools Foundation Vocational Scholarship – One $2,000 award – This scholarship is designed to reach a motivated student who has financial needs, but desires to further his/her education in a vocational field. GPA will not be a factor. Must be a graduating senior who will attend a vocational/technical/trade school or major in a trade or skill at community college.

Bob Wildfang “I Will Make A Difference” Scholarship – One $2,500 award – This scholarship is donated by Bob Wildfang, retired Cashmere School District Administrator and friend of the community. Bob has been an avid supporter of all things Cashmere. This scholarship is based on financial need and proven scholastic ability. Please submit a supplemental essay question at the end of the application telling us how you have made a difference in your high school career and how you plan to make a difference in the future.

Cashmere Lions Club Scholarship – One $2,000 award – This scholarship is based on a graduate that has been active in the area of community service , financial need, and a proven record of ability to succeed academically.  Please in a few short words explain how you have met this criteria.

Cashmere Memorial Scholarship – One $1,000 award – Cashmere Schools Foundation manages funds that have been donated in memory of friends and loved ones. There is no special criterion for this award.

Connie Robertson Memorial Scholarship – One $1,000 award – Connie Robertson was a life time resident of the Cashmere Area.  She lived here with her husband Gary and their three children.  Connie was a loving and caring person, whom was always willing to help.  This scholarship is based on financial need, academic success, and a person demonstrating leadership ability.  This scholarship will be awarded to a person going into the field of music or a leadership position in life.  Please give a brief statement of your qualifications for the scholarship.

Duane Brunner Memorial Scholarship – One $2,000 award – Duane Brunner moved to Cashmere from Fairfax, MN with his family at the age of nine. In his youth, he built wooden apple boxes. During his school years, he played football and basketball and his favorite, baseball. He continued his athletic endeavors playing both football and baseball at WVC. Duane worked at Valley Tractor for forty years and was a volunteer firefighter for forty-two years with the Cashmere Fire Department. He served on the Cashmere School Board for twelve years. He continued his love and support of the Cashmere Schools by attending many school activities, being visible at sports events, music performances, and many other events throughout his life. Duane and his brother Vern owned and operated several orchards. The applicant for the Duane Brunner Memorial Scholarship must be seeking a career in agriculture or participate in sports at the college or vocational school level and must show financial need. Please submit a supplemental essay question at the end of the application telling us about your career goals, reasons why you should be selected, and anything else you would like us to know.

Gary Robertson Memorial Scholarship – One $1,500 award – Gary was an upper valley resident for over fifty-five years and attended Cashmere Schools when he was in grade school. His support of the Cashmere School District ranges from helping build the original bleachers at the football field to support of our current weight room. His pride for the Cashmere Schools surpassed his support of his daughter at work. He was a proud member of the Cashmere Lions Club and a supporter of so many Cashmere activities. These scholarships are focused on non-academic, trade school, or community college bound students of Cashmere that need an extra boost. Gary was always a champion of the underdog. This scholarship exemplifies his strong work ethic and encouragement. Without the support of the Cashmere area, he would have never been able to offer this scholarship.

Horan Estates Winery Athletic Scholarship – Two $1,500 awards – Dennis and Beth Dobbs, proprietors of Horan Estates Winery, offer two athletic scholarships to students who will be playing collegiate sports.

Jack and Doris Rae Collins Memorial Scholarship – One $1,000 award – Jack and Doris Rae Collins were both long time teachers with the Cashmere School District.  Doris Rae taught at Vale Elementary and Jack taught at Cashmere High School.  He taught Physical Education and was the football coach.  Bother were highly thought of members of the community.  Inspired by their parents, their three sons all went on to careers in education.  The citeria for this scholarship is based on financial need, academic success, and a desire to improve the lives of others.

Keith and Jackie James Memorial Scholarship – One $500 award – The family of Keith and Jackie James established a perpetual scholarship fund in their memory to help contribute to the post-secondary education of a deserving student. Both Keith and Jackie (Stewart) came from families that homesteaded here in the valley around 1914. Over the years, Keith and Jackie supported the Cashmere school system and were active in the community. They could always be found attending Cashmere’s home and away football and basketball games, in addition to wrestling matches. Their children, grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren attend Cashmere Schools and participate in sports. It is the hope of the family that each recipient of this scholarship embodies the attributes that Keith and Jackie embraced: athleticism, involvement in the community, and family engagement.

Lawrence and Dorothy Spanjer Memorial Vocational Scholarship – One $2,000 award – Lawrence and Dorothy Spanjer were longtime Cashmere orchardists who believed that students benefit from a post-secondary education and wanted to provide help to students going into a vocational field.

Linda Luebeck Memorial Scholarship – One $1,000 award – Linda Luebeck was a lifelong resident of Cashmere and graduated from Cashmere High School. She and her husband Terry Luebeck owned and operated the Cashmere Mini Mart. They also owned and operated a pear orchard. This scholarship will aid a deserving student pursuing a secondary education in the field of accounting. If there is not an applicant in the field of accounting, a student in the field of business will be selected. Linda was known to always balance all financial accounts to the penny. This scholarship will be awarded on the basis of financial need and a high potential for future educational success.

Lori Ward Memorial Scholarship – One $1,000 award – This scholarship is offered to a student who is planning to pursue a career in the engineering field and will be based on need.

Margaret Boswell Memorial Scholarship – One $1,000 award – Margaret Boswell worked as Secretary-Manager of the Chelan County Fair for thirty-two years and was instrumental in building the Fair into what it is today. This scholarship is given in the spirit of her example. It is designed to recognize a student who may not have the highest grades, but one who is cherished by anyone he or she works for because of their work ethic: the desire to start and finish a job, then look for something else to help with; someone who can work without the constant attention of the boss; someone who will work to improve something or someone else; someone who puts integrity first. Applicants must have had previous involvement at the Chelan County Fair. Include details about your involvement with the Chelan County Fair in your essay.

Martin’s Marketplace Business Scholarship – One $1,500 award – Phil Blackburn, owner of Martin’s Market, offers this scholarship to a student planning to pursue a career in the field of business. This award is based on financial need.

Mary Jo Milne Memorial Scholarship – One $2,000 award – This scholarship will contribute to the post-secondary education of a deserving student. Mary Jo graduated from Cashmere High School in 1947. She edited a column for the school paper and discovered her love for journalism. She also loved music and encouraged each of her three sons to join the band at an early age. Mary Jo began her career in journalism working part-time at the Cashmere Valley Record and, eventually, became the women’s editor at The Wenatchee World. The applicant for this scholarship should have a strong work ethic and a commitment to the community. In recognition of Mary Jo’s two loves, the recipient of this award must be pursuing a degree in either journalism or music.

Phyllis Blackburn Memorial Scholarship – One $1,000 award – Presented by Martin’s IGA in honor of Phil Blackburn’s mother. This scholarship is to be presented to a deserving student who plans to study music in post-secondary education. Mrs. Blackburn taught music for nearly sixty years in Wenatchee, Yakima, and Othello. In addition to teaching in Yakima, she was the director of the Bel Canto – this group was one of 100 from North America chosen to sing at the expo in Australia and New Zealand in 1988. She had many successful students that went on to top schools across the country. Many of those students are now passing on the joy of music to future generations of students through teaching.


Tenoch Mandujano

Tenoch Mandujano

Scholarship Recipient

"My father was a migrant agricultural worker who eventually started his own cherry and apple orchard. [He] told me if I wanted to live a better life, I had to get an education. I plan on starting a career with the Chelan PUD with a passion for renewable energy and in turn give back to my parents and community for supporting my dreams.”


Chelan Douglas Volunteer Attorney Services


The Regional Impact Grant provided funds to hire a Housing Justice and Outreach Coordinator to visit rural and underserved areas. Rosie’s bilingual and bicultural skills and experience have increased equity of service. Rosie is building partnerships with local organizations through events such as the Columbia Valley Community Health’s Back to School Drive, as well as posting yard signs.


Aero Methow Rescue Service


Due to being rural, remote, and geographically isolated Aero Methow Rescue Service must be prepared to do more than respond to emergencies. We have become a healthcare partner who fills gaps in service.  This program allows our board the time and ability to work with a Strategic Planner to modify our plan to address those gaps.

$0 M


$0 M