Advocacy and Lobbying 101: Legal Tips for 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Advocates


501 Common's annual nonprofit advocacy training workshop returns on Thursday, Jan. 25 online. In a big election year, these sessions are a "must-do" for executives, community organizers, policy staff, and board members. 501(c)(3)s play an important role in educating the public about policy issues and actions taken by elected officials, including the President. Elected officials…

$20 – $40

Executive Director Confab! 2024 (Feb 1 – May 2024)


501 Commons is excited to be partnering with Incite! Consulting to bring this professional development opportunity to you. The training is ideal for new nonprofit executive directors and those who have been on the job for a while but still need support (due to no orientation, lack of job structure, and strained relationship with the…