July 14, 2022
10:00AM - 2:00PM
Community Foundation of NCW - Large Conference Room

This interactive workshop will help you develop mindful leadership skills and transformational teaming in your non-profit organization.

You will learn system processes that foster the healthy, psychologically safe, creative, and effective exchanges your organization needs to thrive during times of change and rotation of personnel.

Discussions will center around the concepts of systems theory, transformational and lateral leadership, team cohesiveness, communication, diversity, inclusion, and human motivation.

This fun and illuminating workshop will propel your leadership skills, advance your organization’s purpose, and help your team become the one of which everybody wants to be part.

Presenters: Dr. Brett McDonald, M.S., DBA and Dr. Stu Freed, M.D.

  • Workshop is limited to 18 people (maximum 2 per organization)
  • Geared towards Senior Leadership such as Board Chair, Officers or Executive Committee, Executive Directors, and Lead Staff
  • Organizations will receive an assessment to fill out prior to the workshop to help facilitate conversation


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Dr. Brett McDonald, M.S., DBA

Founder, Dragonfly Team and Leadership Development

Growing up in Wenatchee, I am blessed to be surrounded by natural outdoor beauty, and double-blessed to be part of a community of people who really inspire me. That’s why it is such a privilege to offer support and development services to the leaders and teams that make Central Washington so great. I have always found profound joy in helping people grow, which is why I spent 17 years working as a mental health therapist. When I co-founded The Dragonfly Retreat eating recovery program, my eyes were opened to the power of the shared group learning experience. Combining this background with my doctorate in business administration has shown me how individual and group psychology can merge with organizational operations to create an alchemy of transformation for leaders, teams, and businesses.  In 2021, I founded Dragonfly Team and Leadership Development, where I continue to discover new horizons of helping people lead happy, work happy, and summit their professional lives.

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Dr. Stuart Freed MD, CEC


Born here in Wenatchee and raised in these mountains, I feel part of this area and this community, as it has shaped every part of me.  I have spent most of my professional life as a Physician and Physician Leader, here in the Wenatchee Valley.  I was privileged to be Chief Medical Officer for the Wenatchee Valley Medical Center, then Confluence Health for the last 16 years.  During my time in executive leadership, the power of teams and teamwork became the centerpiece of how great healthcare was delivered.  I was able to witness and collaborate with teams firsthand when things were going well and when things fell apart.  I was also called to coach, mentor and develop other leaders.  These two facets of my role became passions for me.  Years of experience and countless hours spent with colleagues, staff, and patients, gave me a great education.  I also completed my Executive Coaching Certification at UC Berkeley and a Healthcare Leadership Certificate Program through Harvard Business School.

Since retiring from the executive team at Confluence Health, I have opened my own consulting and coaching practice, focused on guiding other leaders and leading teams towards a more fulfilling work life, and professional and personal growth. I have spent the past two years coaching and consulting with teams and their leaders in a variety of industries.  Great teamwork and strong, insightful leadership are key to success.  No matter what business you are in.

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Xitlali Cruz


I am currently pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science at Stanford. Since the beginning of my freshman year I have been involved with clubs such as Stanford’s Space Initiative (SSI) and the Society of Latinx Engineers (SOLE). In SSI I built a rocket and launched it.


Aero Methow Rescue Service


Due to being rural, remote, and geographically isolated, we must be prepared to do more than respond to emergencies. We have become a healthcare partner who fills gaps in service. The grant allowed our board the time and ability to work with a Strategic Planner to modify our plan to address those gaps.


Chelan Douglas Volunteer Attorney Services


The grant provided funds to hire a Housing Justice and Outreach Coordinator to visit rural and underserved areas. Rosie’s bilingual and bicultural skills and experience have increased equity of service. Rosie is building partnerships with local organizations through events such as the Columbia Valley Community Health’s Back to School Drive, as well as posting yard signs.

Tenoch Mandujano

Tenoch Mandujano

Scholarship Recipient

My father was a migrant agricultural worker who eventually started his own cherry and apple orchard. He told me if I wanted to live a better life, I had to get an education. I plan on starting a career with the Chelan PUD with a passion for renewable energy and in turn give back to my parents and community for supporting my dreams.

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