Students Grant $10,000 to their Teachers in Manson

Dane Johnson, Middle School Options teacher, received $1,100 to take his students on a 3-day sailing excursion on the Salish Sea to help students better understand the scientific method and learn skills of sailing and navigating.

The Community Foundation of NCW has granted $10,000 through the Manson Giving Great Grants (MG3) fund to support teacher projects in the Manson School District.

Longtime Manson residents Jack and Gale Courtney established the MG3 Donor Advised Fund to give students the experience of the grantmaking process from the funder’s point of view.

Applications are submitted by school teachers and staff in the Manson School District and the student of the Associated Student Body review and determine final awards under the mentorship of foundation staff.

“It’s really fun to watch these students have meaningful discussions about which projects will have the most impact on the school” said Denise Sorom, the foundation’s director of community philanthropy.

“This year they had to make some tough choices with over $17,000 in requests and only $10,000 to award. Participating in this process really sets them up for future experiences when hard decisions need to be made within a group” said Sorom. “The Courtneys have given these students a profound opportunity.”

Grants Awarded

  • Mia Cauley, Middle School Language Arts – $600 to support an 8th grade backpacking club. Students take short day hikes to prepare them for an annual week-long backpacking trip guided by Stehekin Outfitters. The camp will include studies of native plants, food, and ceremonies of Salish tribes as well as understanding ecology and geology.
  • Ann Marie Flores, Elementary Options – $1,500 to support an overnight camp experience at Holden Village for 80 students in the Manson Options program. The un-plugged adventure blends academic learning with outdoor activities that will provide teambuilding and survival skills and build awareness of environmental stewardship.
  • Phillip Fournier, High School Language Arts – $900 for a high school field trip to Seattle Art Museum and Museum of Pop Culture to help develop a deeper understanding of post-modern art culture and artists’ influence.
  • Kayla Helleson, Elementary Counselor – $1,800 to support a weekly, half-day summer camp for students with transportation and/or cost barriers.
  • Dane Johnson, Middle School Options – $1,100 to support an Options Middle School field trip to the Salish Sea to help students better understand the scientific method and learn skills of sailing and navigating. Before the excursion, students will develop a hypothesis, then gather data on a 3-day sailing trip using marine tools for a “hands on” science experience.
  • Kami Kronbauer and Jennifer Koth, High School Directed Studies – $2,000 to for supplies and materials for directed studies program, where students choose courses to study such as robotics, aviation, remote controlled airplanes, building go-karts, jet skis, and more.
  • Karoline Martin, Librarian – $500 to purchase a vetted list of new hard copy and e-books requested by students for the Secondary Library.
  • Jared Mumley, Secondary Science – $1,000 toward Wireless Smart Carts that provide precise, real-time data collection to better connect students to highly mathematical, abstract concepts in physics and computer technology to prepare them for the 21st century workforce.
  • Keitlyn Watson, Elementary Principal – $600 to provide a game or puzzle for each family to take home as incentive for attending STEAM night and encourage practicing math skills at home.

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