Methow Valley Fund Awards $70,480 to Local Nonprofits

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The Methow Valley Fund, managed by the Community Foundation of North Central Washington, has recently awarded $70,480 in grants to Methow Valley nonprofits.

Established in 2006, the Methow Valley Fund provides grant funding to charitable organizations that are meeting needs and developing strong, sustainable programs that enhance the Methow Valley.

The Methow Valley Fund is an annual grant that opens in December and is due January 31. The funding comes from generous donors that care about the valley and is matched by an anonymous donor.

The Fund is advised by a diverse group of volunteers that live and work in the Valley that are passionate about charitable work and have first-hand knowledge of the local needs and opportunities that make successful impacts in the community. Awards are recommended by the advisors and approved by the Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

The following is a list of award recipients, amounts, and programs funded:

  • Aero Methow Rescue Service – $3,640 Extend the back-up generator power from the Operations Building to the Administration Building
  • Cascadia Methow Music Association – $1,000 Purchase accounting software and cover costs for website upgrades
  • Classroom in Bloom – $4,140 Support an Education Coordinator position critical for K-6 curriculum development for the school garden
  • Confluence Gallery & Art Center – $3,140 Support a technology upgrade
  • Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance-Methow Chapter – $2,000 Support the purchase, design, and installation of multi-use trail signage on currently unmarked trails in the Methow Valley Ranger District
  • Family Planning of North Central Washington – $3,000 Improve the Family Planning office space located at Room One
  • Little Star Montessori School – $3,500 General operating support
  • Methow Arts Alliance – $4,640 Support arts education programs at the Methow Valley School District using local teaching artists
  • Methow Field Institute / Interpretive Center – $3,000 Support educational programming that promotes students’ understanding their local environment
  • Methow Mentoring & Childcare – $2,500 Start-up support for early education preschool for children ages 2-6 and after school childcare for children grades K-9
  • Methow Recycles – $2,940 Development of education and outreach materials
  • Methow Trails – $2,640 Support artist fees for life-sized “Wild Side Character Panels” used as a fun physical challenge and education tool for kids while skiing and/or hiking the Methow Trails system
  • Methow Valley Chamber Music Festival – $2,500 Support musician fees
  • Methow Valley Community School – $1,500 General operating support for alternative school with education program focusing on fire-dependent ecology and understanding how wildfire shapes a community
  • Methow Valley Family Home Center Association (Jamie’s Place) – $3,000 Help with purchase and installation of new flooring
  • Methow Valley Riding Unlimited – $2,000 Support the “Let ‘Em Ride” 10-week horsemanship program that works with special needs students from the Methow Valley Elementary School
  • Methow Valley School District – $3,650 Support Elementary School staff to attend a two-day International Baccalaureate training session to design engaging units of integrated study
  • Methow Valley School District – $3,640 Support High School staff to attend a two-day International Baccalaureate training session to design engaging units of integrated study
  • Okanogan Conservation District – $3,640 Support the Firewise Program, providing education and technical assistance to landowners in areas at risk from wildfire in Okanogan county
  • Room One – $3,140 Help purchase essential, updated office equipment
  • Shafter Historical Museum – $2,000 Help finance the printing of an abridged edition of “Seven Years on the Pacific Slope”, first printed in 1914 and authored by a female pioneer who documented historical events, people, and life in the Methow Valley
  • TwispWorks Foundation – $3,140 Materials to complete landscaping and exterior improvements to continue the improvement of TwispWorks campus
  • The Merc Playhouse – $2,000 Support operating costs in association with presenting youth theater opportunities and engaging younger audiences in theater performance
  • Valley Teen Center – $2,500 General operating support
  • Winthrop Ice & Sport Rink – $1,640 Support matching campaign to install refrigeration system to help increase skating opportunities at an outdoor ice rink

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  1. John K. Roth on March 25, 2015 at 11:22 AM

    Thank you for this support of the Methow Valley–particularly for assisting the school district investment in teacher training for the International Baccalaureate initiative and for helping The Merc Playhouse. All the best, John K. Roth

  2. Stephanie on March 25, 2015 at 12:02 PM

    Would The Barn be eligible for receiving a grant from you? We are a 501(C4) so I am not sure if this grant is only for C3 organizations. Any advise and/or input would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • Jennifer Dolge on March 25, 2015 at 1:35 PM

      Hi Stephanie,

      We only grant to nonprofit organizations that are recognized as 501(c)(3) or governmental entities and religious organizations defined by the IRS in Section 170(c)(1) or in 170(b)(1)(A). If you wanted to apply for a grant, you could seek a fiscal sponsorship from an eligible organization. If you have more questions, feel free to call us at 509-663-7716 or email

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Aero Methow Rescue Service


Due to being rural, remote, and geographically isolated, we must be prepared to do more than respond to emergencies. We have become a healthcare partner who fills gaps in service. The grant allowed our board the time and ability to work with a Strategic Planner to modify our plan to address those gaps.


Chelan Douglas Volunteer Attorney Services


The grant provided funds to hire a Housing Justice and Outreach Coordinator to visit rural and underserved areas. Rosie’s bilingual and bicultural skills and experience have increased equity of service. Rosie is building partnerships with local organizations through events such as the Columbia Valley Community Health’s Back to School Drive, as well as posting yard signs.

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Tenoch Mandujano

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