Confluence Health and Wenatchee Valley Medical Group Announce Grant Program through Community Foundation of NCW

Confluence Health and the Wenatchee Valley Medical Group (WVMG) have teamed up to launch the Community Partnership Fund, a program focused on advancing local initiatives that contribute to the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve. The Community Partnership Fund will be managed by the Community Foundation of NCW and plans to award $500,000 each year.

This grant is open to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations (or fiscally sponsored), public schools, and public agencies in Chelan, Douglas, Okanogan, and Grant counties. Grants will be made to support programs that promote health and wellness, education, and arts and culture.

The grant application opens June 1, 2021 with a deadline of June 30, 2021. Grant awards may range between $2,500 and $15,000 and will be announced in early August.

“While organizations were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, our nonprofit community stepped up to continue serving the residents of North Central Washington” said Dr. Peter Rutherford, CEO for Confluence Health.

Wenatchee Valley Medical Group President, Dr. Mitch Garrison added, “We know how important the services provided by nonprofits are to the health, safety, and well-being of the region. We hope the Community Partnership Fund can help further support our nonprofits as we depend on them more than ever before.”

“Confluence and WVMG have been supporting community initiatives and making an impact across the region for years” said Beth Stipe, the Community Foundation’s executive director. “We’re excited to be their charitable partner and help them continue and grow this effort that provides a huge benefit to the citizens of our region.”


Strategic Consulting Grant Open to NCW Nonprofits

The Nonprofit Practices Institute, a partnership of the Community Foundation of NCW and the Icicle Fund, is now offering capacity-building grants to nonprofits in Chelan, Douglas, Okanogan, and Grant counties.

The pandemic has caused many nonprofits to step back, pause, and re-examine their organizational purpose, plans, and capacity. Strategic Consulting for Nonprofit Success is an opportunity to make the most of this time of change to strengthen their organizations.

The grant will provide customized consulting services for selected nonprofits in one of three areas: Planning & Engagement, Organizational Culture & Structure, or Partnerships & Collaboration. The grant will cover the cost of the consultant that will guide board and staff leadership over the course of several months to address the specific needs of the organization.

“This type of work is so important for our nonprofit organizations right now as they emerge from a difficult year” said Beth Stipe, the Foundation’s executive director. “It’s a great opportunity to work one on one with a professional consultant that can help them realign their goals, evaluate their processes, and even consider some partnerships that may result in a stronger impact of their mission.”

The grant is open to 501c3 nonprofit organizations in Chelan, Douglas, Okanogan, and Grant counties; fiscally-sponsored programs are eligible for the Partnership & Collaboration area only. Awards will be determined by the scope of the project.

Application deadline is May 31st.


$50,000 Endowment Grant Awarded, New Grants Support Nonprofit Recovery


The Community Foundation of NCW has awarded a $50,000 Endowment Grant to Upper Valley MEND (Meeting Each Need with Dignity), a nonprofit dedicated to meeting the housing, hunger, and healthcare needs in the Upper Wenatchee Valley.

The Endowment Grant is awarded to a well-established nonprofit organization that has strong leadership and are positioned to grow the endowment. The grant establishes an Endowment Fund at the foundation, providing long-term sustainability for a nonprofit by dispersing a portion of the fund annually while the principal is invested for growth. Through investment and additional donations to the fund, the annual payout increases, creating a dependable stream of income.

“Over the last 30 years, our community has built a wonderful organization to support basic needs and community connection in the Upper Valley” said UVMEND Executive Director, Kaylin Bettinger. “This endowment grant will ensure Upper Valley MEND services will be available for those in need long into the future.”

The foundation was faced with the tough task to narrow down the many impressive grant applications to 3 strong finalists, including Chelan-Douglas CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) and the Women’s Resource Center. Each finalist had an opportunity to present to the Endowment Grant Committee over Zoom.

“Each of the finalists are truly extraordinary organizations doing critical work in our communities” said Claire Oatey, the foundation’s director of community grants. “This is always one of the hardest decisions for our Board to make, but UVMEND was chosen because of their strong board and staff leadership, their readiness to grow the endowment, and clear vision for how this opportunity will take the organization to the next level.”


In response to the effects Covid-19 has had on our nonprofit partners, the Community Foundation has retooled its regular grant-making programs to better serve their needs. Grants are open to 501c3 nonprofit organizations in Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan counties.

Helping Hands 2.0 Grant

  • Supports 501(c)3 nonprofits and public agencies in Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties providing critical safety-net needs for community members(including food security, housing support, physical and mental health, safety, and pre-K childcare) due to the socio-economic and health impacts of the pandemic in our region.
  • There is no cap on funding requests.
  • Awarded monthly.
  • Applications received by the 1st of the month will reviewed and awarded by the 31st until fund run out.

Nonprofit Reemergence Grant

  • Temporary grant program to support 501(c)3 charitable organizations located in Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties as they recover from the current public health crisis and adapt their operations for future viability.
  • Organizations may request funding for up to 10% of their current organizational budget with a maximum grant request of $20,000.
  • Awards will be made quarterly through July 2021.

Woods Family Music and Arts Fund

  • Temporarily shifting its focus this year to support general operating grants for nonprofit arts organizations in Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties (excluding the Methow Valley).
  • Schools or fiscally sponsored programs are ineligible.
  • Special consideration will be given to organizations that have creatively adapted their programs and services to foster the local music and arts culture during the public health crisis.
  • Organizations may request funding for up to $5,000 in general operating support.
  • Application deadline is September 30.

Community Foundation of NCW Expands Grant for COVID-19 Response

In response to the COVID-19 heath crisis, the Community Foundation of NCW has expanded its Helping Hands Grant Program to include supporting nonprofits organizations significantly impacted by the pandemic.

The Helping Hands Grant Program provides financial resources to nonprofit organizations in Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties faced with unexpected and emergent needs. The foundation’s Board of Trustees has given authority to expand the existing criteria and application process to better respond to nonprofits’ current and imminent needs.

“We know that this is going to be a very difficult time for our nonprofit community and those they serve” said Gil Sparks, the foundation’s board chair.  “It is our hope that broadening the criteria for this grant will help our nonprofit community continue to provide critical services to our communities and help weather this storm.”

NCW communities are already beginning to feel the short and long term effects impacting our workforce, economies, and families who were already struggling with affordable housing, affordable child care, and food insecurity. The foundation has a long history of supporting nonprofits serving those vulnerable populations during times of crisis.

“We are still intensely aware of the lessons learned from the 2008 recession and the devastating wildfires from 2014 and 2015 – recovery from this outbreak is going to require significant resources for the long term” said Beth Stipe, executive director. “The Staff and Board know that we need to prepare for a marathon, not just a sprint. The expansion of this grant funding is setting those preparations in motion.”

The foundation has been connecting and working with nonprofit partners across the region to understand their needs. “We need to adjust our program to be responsive.” Said Claire Oatey, director of community grants.  “We anticipate the grant application to be open very soon. In the meantime, we are reaching out to our donors and the community to donate to the Helping Hands Grant and help us provide additional grants than our current budget allows.”

The Helping Hands Grant has been seeded with $45,000 from the Community Foundation. All contributions to the Helping Hands Grant will help to provide the financial resources to meet the current and future recovery needs of our region.




Community Foundation Accepting Applications for Stronger Schools Grant

The Community Foundation of NCW is now accepting applications for its Stronger Schools grant, open to public schools and School Districts serving Pre-K-12th grade students in Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties.

The grant offers up to $5,000 for programs that enrich school experiences for students, support teacher development, and other actives that allow schools to better achieve their goals.

Only one application may be submitted per school and can include several different projects by teachers, staff, etc.; however, each school can only be awarded up to $5,000. School Districts can apply separately with a $5,000 cap as well.

Over $462,000 has been disbursed to schools across the region since the grant program started in 2011. Last year, $70,000 was disbursed in Stronger Schools grants.

“Historically, we funded schools and nonprofits from a single grant program, but as our resources grew, we saw an opportunity to offer a program that met our public schools’ specific needs” said Beth Stipe, the foundation’s executive director. “It allows us to focus our efforts on helping make a significant impact for education in our region.”

Grants are awarded in June and will support the 2020-2021 school year.


Community Foundation Accepting Applications for Regional Impact Grant

Deadline – August 1, 2019

The Community Foundation of NCW is now accepting applications for its Regional Impact Grant (RIG), the foundation’s largest funding opportunity open to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations in Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan Counties (excluding the Methow Valley).

The RIG is an annual, competitive grant that provides funding for organizations making a significant impact in their community. There is no maximum funding request, however awards are not likely to exceed $10,000. Requests can be for specific projects or general operations.

Each applicant is visited by a team of Community Foundation staff and board members to learn more about their organization and request, and evaluate awards based on several factors that demonstrate their need and potential impact in the community.

The foundation typically receives around 60 applications for the RIG, but only 25 are awarded. Recipients will receive a portion of their request, then participate in Give NCW, an online giving catalog that invites the public to donate and help organizations reach their full grant requests.

In 2018, the foundation awarded $240,000 in Regional Impact Grants to nonprofits, with an additional $203,000 in public donations through Give NCW.

Applicants must apply online, deadline is August 1, 2019. Give NCW starts Thanksgiving Day through December 31st. Grants are awarded in January 2020.


Accepting Applications for Community Foundation’s Regional Impact Grant

The Community Foundation of NCW is now accepting applications for its Regional Impact Grant (RIG) open to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations and government agencies in Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan Counties (excludes organizations in the Methow Valley and all public schools, as those entities have other dedicated grant programs).

The RIG is an annual, competitive grant – only 25 recipients will be chosen to receive awards, and last year the foundation received 60 applications. There is no maximum funding request, however RIG awards are not likely to exceed $10,000. Request can be for specific projects or general operations.

Award recipients will receive a portion of their grant request, and the remainder will be promoted on Give NCW, an online crowdfunding campaign that invites the public to learn about the nonprofits and donate to help fully fund their grant request. RIG awards are funded based on the foundation’s resources and the grant’s potential impact in the community.

“This is the foundation’s largest grant opportunity for nonprofits in our region, and we want to help make the biggest impact with the resources we have” said Claire Oatey, director of community grants. “The Give NCW campaign is a great way for nonprofits to raise awareness about their work in our communities, and with a $10 minimum donation, anyone can help support some of the programs that are directly impacting quality of life in their community and region.”

In 2017, a total of $441,630 was awarded to 25 nonprofits with over $235,000 coming from donations through Give NCW. To date, the RIG program has awarded over $4.5 million to support charitable work across North Central Washington.

Applicants must apply online, deadline is August 1, 2018. Site visits with each applicant are scheduled through the end of October and Give NCW starts Thanksgiving Day through December 31st. Grants are awarded in January 2019.


$50,000 Endowment Grant Open to Support One NCW Nonprofit

Application deadline: May 1, 2018

The Community Foundation of NCW is now accepting applications for a $50,000 Endowment Grant to support one nonprofit in Chelan, Douglas, or Okanogan county.

An endowment fund at CFNCW provides a nonprofit agency an annual income disbursement to support its operations while the principal of the fund grows in perpetuity.

The ideal grantee is a well-established, extraordinary organization making a significant impact on the community it serves. The organization must have experienced leadership at both the board and staff level who will use the $50,000 Endowment Grant to move the organization to the next level of expertise.

“Part of our mission is to help strengthen nonprofit agencies in an effort to support strong, healthy communities,” said Beth Stipe, the foundation’s executive director. “An endowment is an important component to securing long-term financial sustainability. The endowment grows over time through additional gifts and prudent investment through the foundation, which gives the organization the ability to continue their mission for generations to come.”

Previous recipients include Methow Trails, Numerica Performing Arts Center, and the Children’s Home Society of Weantchee.

The award will be announced and disbursed in September.


Up to $200 Available to Support Your Make a Difference Day Project!

Make a Difference logo

Saturday, October 28, 2017

$200 grants available to help your Make a Difference Day project!

Did your organization coordinate a Make a Difference Day project last year? If so, you might be eligible for a grant of up to $200 to support your 2017 project!

The funds can be used in a variety of ways to help implement or enhance the quality of volunteer efforts for your 2017 Make a Difference Day project.

Recipients must be 501c3 charitable organizations, public agencies (schools, cities, government, etc.), or projects can be fiscally sponsored by a qualifying agency.

Applying for the grant is easy! Just let us know the title of your 2016 project and a description of your 2017 project. That’s it!

For questions on qualifying agencies, email

Important Dates

Deadline to apply: October 1
Grants awarded: October 10
Make a Difference Day: October 28


Submit/View 2017 Make a Difference Day Projects

This grant is made possible through USA Weekend Magazine prizes from the Gannet Foundation, now managed by the Community Foundation of NCW. 

Community Foundation Accepting Applications for Library Technology Grant

Application deadline: November 1st

The Community Foundation of NCW is now accepting applications for the Eric C. Jensen Memorial Grant to improve literacy through technology and increase the ease and accessibility of information in libraries.

This grant is open to public libraries and public school libraries within the boundaries of Cashmere, Entiat, Wenatchee, and East Wenatchee School Districts. Awards range from $500 – $1000.

Previous programs funded by the grant include an Apple TV and two iPad teaching stations at Lewis and Clark Elementary Library and audiobooks and iPod shuffles for Pioneer Middle School Library.

Established in 2003, this grant honors of the work of Eric C. Jensen, which focused on expanding the use of information technology through innovative programs in the community.


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