Nonprofit Practices Institute Hosts 11th Annual NPI Summit

Monday, April 29, 2019
9:00am – 4:00pm
Campbell’s Resort, Chelan WA

The Nonprofit Practices Institute (NPI), a partnership of the Community Foundation and the Icicle Fund, is hosting its 11th Annual NPI Summit on Monday, April 29, 2019 from 9:00am to 4:30pm at Campbell’s Resort in Chelan, Washington.

The NPI Summit is a day-long conference that provides high-quality, low-cost professional development and networking opportunities for nonprofit organizations serving North Central Washington. The event is open to nonprofit staff, board, volunteers, or anyone interested in nonprofit work.

This year’s keynote is Erica Barnhart, Senior Lecturer at the University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Policy and CEO of Claxon, a marketing consulting firm. The topic is “The Energetics of Language: how to use the power of words to drive change, inspire engagement, and lead a happier, healthier life.”

The rest of the summit includes a dozen presentations over three sessions that cover topics including grant writing, marketing and outreach, succession planning, diversity and inclusion, event planning, board/director relationships, and mindfulness.

“The summit is a great opportunity to learn best practices from experts in their fields” said Claire Oatey, director of community grants and summit programmer. “We’re excited about the diverse range of topics this year – there’s something for everyone.”

Online registration is required along with a $30 fee that includes lunch.



The Leadership Game

Improve your nonprofit’s leadership intelligence and effectiveness!

The Community Foundation of NCW is partnering with Colin Brine of BeClearly to offer NCW nonprofits with a unique experience in uncovering nonprofit organizations’ needs, struggles, and opportunities and discovering leadership intelligence through The Leadership Game.

The John Maxwell Team Leadership Game is a comprehensive, interactive game based on the teachings of John C. Maxwell. The game helps organizations improve their leadership intelligence and increase their effectiveness. The Leadership Game is a fun, yet challenging experience designed to help teams better understand core leadership principles and values. This experience will raise the leadership awareness of your team and introduce the timeless leadership principles that will bring about positive change through communication and connection.

The Community Foundation of NCW will host several dates and times for organizations to play The Leadership Game. Organizations must be 501c3 public charities in Chelan, Douglas, or Okanogan counties.


Donations to Give NCW raise over $200,000 for NCW nonprofits

The Community Foundation of NCW is pleased to announce its Give NCW campaign has raised $203,254 for 25 nonprofits in Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties.

Give NCW is a crowdfunding campaign starting Thanksgiving Day through December 31st that invites the public to support 25 nonprofits across North Central Washington. The selected organizations received a Regional Impact Grant from the foundation, but only for a portion of their request. Give NCW provided an opportunity for organizations to raise additional funds to reach their full request goal and build awareness about their program or project. Seven organizations were “Fully Funded” and met their full fundraising goals.

“We launched Give NCW five years ago as a way for people to learn about charitable programs that are impacting their community directly” said Beth Stipe, executive director. “It’s an easy way for people to give locally, in any amount, and be part of philanthropy in our region.”

There was an additional $3,000 awarded to nonprofits through Funday Monday – each time someone gave on a Monday, their name was entered to win up to $1,000 to use on Give NCW any way they chose. Several nonprofits benefitted from the extra funds and it provided incentive for people to give. Two Wenatchee businesses, Mela Coffee Roasting and Firehouse Pet Shop, also provided gift cards as incentive for people to donate.

“Giving should be a fun and rewarding experience.” said Stipe, “Each year we try to come up with new ways to engage people to give. Our goal is not just raising the dollars, but inspiring everyone to be a philanthropist – at any level.”

The total amount dispersed to the 25 nonprofits between Give NCW and the Regional Impact Grant is over $417,000.

The next Regional Impact Grant application opens June 1, 2019.

Give NCW Award Recipients

Organization Amount Awarded (RIG+Give NCW) Project
Alatheia Riding Center 27,547.37 Keep Them in the Saddle!
Camp Fire NCW FULLY FUNDED 15,471.20 Help Camp Fire NCW get children back outdoors!
Cancer Care of NCW FULLY FUNDED 8,451.20 Help “Our House” Get New Commercial Washers & Dryers
Chapter 2 Chapter 11,596.20 Every Child Wants to Read
Chelan Valley Hope FULLY FUNDED 11,586.20 Tender Loving Care (TLC) for Seniors Program
Chelan-Douglas CASA 30,765.36 A Powerful Voice for Children
Chelan-Douglas Community Action Council 10,401.20 Free English as a Second Language Classes at the Literacy Council
City of Entiat 12,521.20 Entiat Fire Station Park
FIRST Washington 13,731.20 Bringing the sport of STEM to NCW Youth!
Friends of the Wenatchee Public Library 27,445.85 Wenatchee Public Library Capital Campaign
Habitat for Humanity -Greater Wenatchee 9,451.20 Building strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.
Hand in Hand Immigration Services FULLY FUNDED 32,275.20 Citizenship Program
Hearts Gathered 11,731.20 Okanagan Salish Guides Our School Forward
NCW Economic Development District 6,777.20 Fostering Inclusive Prosperity Across North Central Washington
Okanogan County Child Development Association 13,766.20 Upgrade our computer software to meet our needs!!
Okanogan County Community Action Council 12,451.20 Health Home Care Coordinator Support
Pybus Market Charitable Foundation 8,786.20 Pybus Market Community-Building Programs
Small Miracles FULLY FUNDED 34,786.20 Help Feed Hungry Kids
Special Olympics Washington FULLY FUNDED 10,561.20 Supporting Health and Wellness Opportunities for Local Athletes
TeamNaturaleza FULLY FUNDED 16,906.20 Uniting People and Nature: Reuniendo la Gente y la Naturaleza
Upper Valley MEND 21,331.20 Improving food bank client health with access to healthy produce
Wellness Place 24,781.20 FUEL for the FIGHT -Cancer Support in NCW
Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center 9,906.20 Changing Relationships Through Peaceful Conflict Resolution
Wenatchee Valley Senior Activity Center 11,396.20 Walk-In Freezer
Wenatchee Valley YMCA 22,791.20 Ment2B -Changing Lives Through Mentoring
TOTAL 417,214.98


Community Foundation Now Accepting Applications for 2019 Scholarships

The Community Foundation of NCW is now accepting applications for its scholarship program. 

The foundation manages over 100 unique scholarships that support high school seniors, current college students, and non-traditional students from North Central Washington who are planning to attend four-year colleges and universities, community colleges, and trade schools. 

Each scholarship has its own criteria and eligibility – most seek to support students who have served their communities, show growth and potential, and demonstrate significant financial need. 

The application process is online and students can easily apply for multiple scholarships at once. The eligibility quiz feature helps students easily determine the scholarships that are right for them. 

“We have scholarships for nearly every type of student,” said Julie Mott, the foundation’s scholarship program specialist. 

“If you’re a student who has faced obstacles, or plan to study a specific area such as nursing or engineering, or have served your community or participated in extra-curricular activities – we most likely have a scholarship for you. Most of our scholarships support students who have a lot of potential and really need the extra financial support. We encourage every student who plans to attend college this fall to at least take the eligibility quiz and see if we have a scholarship that fits them.” 

The deadline for most scholarships is March 1st.  


Are Your Affairs In Order? Advice on Creating or Updating Your Will and Leaving a Legacy

A Pybus University Offering

January 22, 2019
7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Pybus Market Conference Room
Admission is free


Is your New Year’s resolution to update your will?  If not, maybe it should be. Without a will, the disbursement of your property and the care of your dependents are determined by state law. You want to make sure that you are leaving your family and your assets in good hands and that the causes you care about continue to thrive well beyond your lifetime.

During this class, you will learn the basics of creating or updating a will from local attorney Colleen Frei of Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn & Aylward. Beth Stipe, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of North Central Washington, will also introduce you to the “Give 10” campaign and encourage you to think about what kind of legacy you might leave for future generations.

Local attorneys who specialize in estate planning will be available for you to meet following the presentation.

Give Methow campaign raises $276,535 for Methow Valley nonprofits

The Community Foundation of NCW is pleased to announce the 4th annual Give Methow campaign has raised $276,535 for 33 Methow Valley nonprofits.

Give Methow is a crowdfunding campaign hosted by the Community Foundation during the month of October to build awareness about nonprofits serving the Methow Valley and provide a way for people to easily support their work.

“We believe anyone can be a philanthropist” said Beth Stipe, the foundation’s executive director. “Give Methow makes is easy for anyone to give, and with a $10 minimum, it’s accessible to anyone who wants to support the good work happening right here in their own community.”

Any 501c3 public charity in the Methow Valley was eligible to participate to raise funds for up to $10,000 to support a specific program or general operations. The organizations who participated are all fostering quality of life for the Methow Valley – from the arts to environment, health and housing, to education, recreation, and community services.

An anonymous donor who loves the Methow Valley continues to seed a $30,000 stretch pool each year that is disbursed among the nonprofits based on how much they raised. Additional gifts to the stretch pool provided $32,325 that gave some nonprofits an extra $1,300 if they reached their goal.

The foundation added some fun to fundraising with the Funday Monday incentive. Each time someone gave on a Monday, their name was entered to win up to $1,000 to donate back to one or more Give Methow nonprofits. The final Funday Monday brought in over $32,000 from 387 donations.


Organization Total
Aero Methow Rescue Service – Emergency Responder Training $11,853.87
American Legion Post 0143 Methow Valley – Honoring our Service to Veterans and the Methow Valley Community $569.94
Cascadia Music – Creating a Thriving Community Through Music! $5,340.89
Classroom in Bloom – Help our Students Sow it, Grow it, Eat it, Know it! $11,153.79
Confluence Gallery and Art Center – Art in the Wild $4,327.68
Cove Food Bank – Feeding and Caring for the Methow Valley Community $11,484.88
Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance – Sun Mountain Multi-use Trail Expansion Project $7,772.73
Friends of the Pool – To Swim or Not to Swim? There is No Question! $7,943.71
Friends of the Winthrop Public Library – Architectural Services for the New Winthrop Public Library $11,398.87
Jamie’s Place – Nurturing Care and Meaningful Live for our Elders $7,179.99
Little Star School – Growing a Community Through Early Childhood Education $11,398.87
Methow Arts Alliance – The first and only ARTist + ARTS Org Resource Center in NCW $5,366.28
Methow At Home – It Takes a Village! $10,686.44
Methow Beaver Project – Storing Water for the Future – One Beaver at a Time. $5,811.35
Methow Conservancy – Inspiring People to Care for the Land of the Methow Valley $12,438.87
Methow Housing Trust – Affordable Home Construction $11,398.87
Methow Recycles – Inspiring and Facilitating Waste Prevention and Materials Reuse! $15,403.87
Methow Trails – Future Trail Connections $7,300.97
Methow Valley Chamber Music Festival – Summer Concert Series 24th season Total $1,869.41
Methow Valley Citizens Council-Inspiring Action in the Face of Climate Change $12,368.87
Methow Valley Community Center  – Lighting System for Auditorium $6,996.31
Methow Valley Education Foundation – Invest in the Future of Methow Valley Students $9,954.32
Methow Valley Interpretive Center – Connecting a Place to its People $5,813.42
Methow Valley Nordic Ski Education Foundation – Sharing a love of skiing with all! $6,939.32
Methow Valley Riding Unlimited – Empowering People to Overcome Trauma Through Bonds with Horses $9,618.05
Methow Valley Theater – Bring Community to the Theater, and Theater to the Community! $877.71
Methow Watershed Foundation – Our Valley-Our Water-Our Choice $3,301.01
Public School Funding Alliance – Career and College Advising for Methow Valley Students $11,414.41
Room One – The One-Stop Support Center: local social services and advocacy $11,998.87
Shafer Historical Museum – Reveal Methow Valley History Project $4,123.80
The Merc Playhouse – Connecting Curious Seekers Through Live Theater $6,119.90
TwispWorks Foundation – Supporting a Healthy and Vibrant Local Economy $11,398.87
Winthrop Rink – Keep the ice looking nice – Help us to purchase a new Zamboni! $14,908.87

Community Foundation Awards $240,455 in Grants to Nonprofits, Prepares for Give NCW

The Community Foundation of NCW has awarded $240,455 in grants to 30 nonprofits across the region. The grants were funded by the Regional Impact Grant and Partners in Giving programs.

The Regional Impact Grant (RIG) is an annual, competitive grant program that supports charitable organizations in Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties. Sixty organizations applied for the grant, and 30 received awards.

To evaluate and determine award recipients, a team of foundation staff and board participate in site visits with each applicant to learn more about their organization’s grant request and potential impact. The site visit teams visited all 60 organizations spanning the region, from Leavenworth to Chelan to Tonasket, and logged over 600 driving miles. These insightful visits are essential in helping the foundation’s board make thoughtful, informed decisions to ensure grant making supports a broad base of areas that enhance quality of life in the region’s communities.

Of the awarded organizations, 25 will participate in Give NCW, an online crowdfunding campaign beginning Thanksgiving Day through December 31st. Since the RIG can only award a portion of the grant requests, Give NCW provides an opportunity for the public to donate and help organizations reach their ultimate goals. Last year, Give NCW received over $253,000 in donations from the public – over $50,000 more than the foundation’s grant award amount.

While Give NCW is limited to 25 participants, the foundation’s board agreed to fund 5 additional organizations with programs that meet essential needs and/or have a significant impact in the community. A portion of this funding was made possible by the Partners in Giving program, comprised of individuals, families, and businesses that make unrestricted gifts to support the general work of the foundation.

“The foundation’s budget for these annual grants is around $200,000 each year, which comes from bequests left by generous individuals and families who loved the region” said Claire Oatey, director of community grants. “We’re trying to help nonprofits make a greater impact with larger awards, but each year we have more requests than we can fund. Added resources from our Partners in Giving allows us to grant a few extra awards, and Give NCW gives nonprofits an amazing opportunity to reach their full goal. We are so grateful for those that invest in making our region a better place for all.”


*Organizations marked with an asterisk will not participate in Give NCW
Organization  Project  Award 
Alatheia Riding Center Financial Aid Fund – Keep Them in the Saddle! $14,000
Artist Trust* Professional Development for Artists in Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan Counties $5,000
Camp Fire NCW Council Outdoor Education Program for teachers and students $5,000
Cancer Care of North Central Washington New commercial washers and dryers at Our House $3,500
Chapter 2 Chapter Resourcing youth literacy programs in NCW $7,500
Chelan County Historical Society (Cashmere Museum)* Collections Management and Reference Materials $7,055
Chelan-Douglas CASA Program I am for the Child – awareness and volunteer recruitment program $14,000
Chelan-Douglas Community Action Council Support for Literacy Council of Chelan and Douglas Counties $6,000
City of Entiat Fire Station Park $9,500
FIRST Washington After school STEM programs for vulnerable at-risk youth $9,500
Grunewald Guild* Art Access wheelchair ramp $5,400
Habitat For Humanity Of The Greater Wenatchee Area Townhomes at South Chelan Ave $6,000
Hand in Hand Immigration Support for citizenship program $14,000
Hearts Gathered General support for Okanagan Salish immersion Montessori school $8,000
NCW Economic Development District Support for NCW Regional Economic Forum and Economic Development $6,000
Okanogan County Child Development Association Purchase and implement updated fiscal and HR systems software $11,500
Okanogan County Community Action Council Program to help individuals maintain health and reduce emergency visits $10,000
Okanogan Land Trust OkaKnowledgy – educational lecture series $4,000
Pybus Market Charitable Foundation Support for community programs and activities at the Pybus Market $6,000
Small Miracles Free summer lunch program $8,000
Special Olympics Washington General operating support $6,000
Team Naturaleza Support for free, bilingual, natural resource and conservation education $6,000
Tender Loving Care for Seniors Home-based support for seniors $5,000
The Friends of the Wenatchee Public Library Support for Capital Campaign $11,500
Upper Valley Connection* Theater Camp $7,500
Upper Valley MEND Access to fresh produce at the Community Cupboard food bank $9,500
Wellness Place “FUEL for the FIGHT” offering pre-paid gas cards for rural patients fighting cancer $8,000
Wenatchee Valley DRC Increasing access to low/no cost alternative Conflict resolution $7,000
Wenatchee Valley Senior Activity Center Walk-In Freezer $9,000
Wenatchee Valley YMCA “Ment2B” program providing mentoring services for youth ages 8-17 $11,000


Woods Family Music and Arts Fund Awards $59,400 in Grants

The Woods Family Music and Arts Fund has awarded $59,400 in grants supporting schools and nonprofits across the region.

Established in 2011, the Woods Family Music and Arts Grant provides up to $5,000 to support programs that foster and improve arts and music awareness, education, performance, events, and professional development.

“We are so grateful for the generosity the Woods have provided to our music and arts community for the last decade” said Jennifer Dolge, director of donor services and communications. “They are committed to ensuring music and arts is accessible to all – from professional development for musicians to bringing experiences to under-served communities. They’ve recently extended their grant opportunities to Okanogan County, furthering their passion for sharing their love of music.”

The Woods Grant opens August 1, 2019.

2019 Grant Awards

Organization Amount Project
Art On the Avenues $2,500 Beauty of Bronze
Beaver Valley School $2,000 Arts Exploration in Music and Play
Cascade Education Foundation $1,500 Leavenworth Elementary Art Appreciation Program (LEAAP)
Chelan-Douglas Community Action Council $1,000 Wenatchee Empty Bowls
Friends of the Oroville LIbrary $1,500 Oroville Ukulele Club
Icicle Creek Center for the Arts $2,500 Summer Symphony 2019
Icicle Creek Center for the Arts $2,500 Dar Williams Community Building Tour
Julian Patrick Vocal Camp $4,000 Julian Patrick Vocal Intensive
Leavenworth Summer Theater $1,500 Sound of Music VonTrapp Children’s Workshop
Lincoln Elementary PTA $4,000 Missoula Children’s Theater Production – The Frog Prince
Methow Arts Alliance $3,5000 Art Education for 5 Rural School Districts in Okanogan County
North Central Education Foundation $5,000 Art/Music Teacher Classroom Grants
Numerica PAC $5,000 Villalobos Brothers outreach
Okanogan Valley Orchestra and Chorus $1,700 Outreach
Pybus Market Charitable Foundation $2,000 All of Creation Art for Kids 2019
Stage Kids WA $2,500 Professional Development for Staff
Upper Valley Connection $2,000 Theater Camp support
Wenatchee Art Education Consortium $1,200 Assembling Musicians
Wenatchee Brethren Baptist Homes $1,500 Garden Terrace Holiday Art Show and Sale
Wenatchee Jazz Workshop $2,500 Wenatchee Jazz Workshop 2019
Wenatchee Valley College $5,000 MAC Gallery Exhibition Program
Wenatchee Valley Symphony $2,500 Young Musician Competition and Season Guest Artists
WestSide High School $2,000 Visiting Artist / Playback Theater


Supporting Hurricane Florence Relief Through Community Foundations

From our experiences with wildfires across the region the last few years, we all know first-hand how disaster relief efforts can significantly support communities impacted by disaster. The Community Foundation of NCW was honored to be a part of handing donations and working with local partners to find solutions for recovery.

As Hurricane Florence begins its assault on the Carolinas, our Community Foundation colleagues in those areas have prepared their own disaster relief efforts to support their communities. For people who want to make financial contributions to relief efforts, Community Foundations are a wise choice – they know their communities, they have a distinct process for vetting and granting donated dollars, and are invested in long-term recovery.

The Community Foundation Public Awareness Initiative has published information on supporting Hurricane Florence relief efforts through Community Foundations in several ways. We ask that you take a moment to review this information and consider one of the listed Community Foundations to help crucial long-term recovery efforts with your generous support.

Giving to Support Hurricane Florence Relief? Consider These Funds


Registration Now Open for Annual Board Celebration Dinner

The Nonprofit Practices Institute (a partnership between the Community Foundation of NCW and the Icicle Fund) is hosting its annual Board Celebration Dinner this September to honor and recognize the service of our region’s nonprofit board volunteers.
Board members currently serving nonprofit organizations in Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties are invited to enjoy a complimentary dinner at one of two locations: Sleeping Lady Resort in Leavenworth on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 or Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop on Wednesday, September 26, 2018.
Mingle with new and former colleagues, enjoy refreshments, feel inspired by and honored for the important work that you do in our communities!
Our special guest speaker for the evening, Leslie Sholl Jaffe, has over 31 years of experience as a consultant across businesses and nonprofit organizations. She has expertise in leadership development, effective communication, strategic envisioning, organizational alignment, and coaching for personal and professional development.

Dinner Details

  • Doors open at 5:30pm, presentation begins at 6:15pm, and dinner will start at 7:00pm.
  • Both dinners are buffet/family style.
  • Each guest will receive 1 complimentary beverage ticket; additional beverages can be purchased at the no-host bar.
  • Dinner is complimentary, however we do require a credit card number to reserve your seat. If you cancel after September 17th, you will be charged $75 to cover the cost of your meal.
  • You may bring a spouse or guest who is not an active board member, but you will need to pay the $75 to cover the cost of their meal.

Seating is limited!

Deadline to reserve your seat is September 17th or when maximum capacity is reached.


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