Donor Advised Funds

Drs Susan and Peter Valaas, Donor Advised Fundholders

“We had a history of contributing to charity and as retirement neared, we realized our cash flow would soon be reduced and inadequate to continue our regular support of these groups. So just before retirement, we decided to make a contribution from appreciated assets and open a Donor Advised Fund. This gave us a much appreciated tax-deduction at the time of peak earning and allowed us to continue giving to organizations at our previous level without impacting our cash flow. The experience has been easy and rewarding.” – Drs Susan and Peter Valaas, Donor Advised Fundholders

A Donor Advised Fund is like a charitable checking account – you make an initial tax-deductible contribution to open the account, then you make gifts (grants) to any verified nonprofit organization, anytime you want to fulfill a need in your community or beyond.

Your account is pooled and invested with other foundation funds, so it grows over time.

You can also create a Succession Plan to designate your children to continue making gifts from the fund after your lifetime or ensure the remainder continues to serve the causes you care about.

How it Works

  • A minimum of $5,000 is required to open a Donor Advised Fund – this can be cash, securities, real estate or other assets. Check with us if you have unique or special assets that may be donated in a tax efficient way. The foundation charges a 1% administrative fee and .5% investment fee on the fund.
  • You establish a name for your fund and sign a Fund Agreement.
  • You receive an email with instructions to activate your online account, where you will make your donations, view account activity, statements, and more.
  • You make your Grant Requests (gifts) from your online account to any nonprofit in the US (includes schools, churches, government agencies) – anytime, at your convenience.
  • The foundation ensures the nonprofit is in good standing, handles all administrative details, and issues the grant to the organization in the name of your fund, including instructions for donations restricted to specific purposes.

Once your account is open, you are ready to begin giving! You will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your secure online account, where you can donate to any verified nonprofit, view account activity, and download monthly statements – anytime, anywhere, at your convenience. If you need assistance, contact Jennifer Dolge at (509) 663-7716 or email

Opening a DAF is Easy

  1. Contact us to make an appointment at (509) 663-7716 or email so we can get to know you and your giving interests, then review and sign a fund agreement.
  2. Once we receive the funds to open the account, you’ll receive an email and can start giving.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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