Partners in Giving (PIG) is a program for individuals, families, businesses, groups, clubs – anyone that wants to support the work of the foundation without having to open a fund.

The PIG program works a lot like a Piggy Bank! We use donations to support unexpected needs that arise throughout the year, including:

Granting Additional Funds

The Community Foundation provides grant funding for nonprofit organizations, schools, and public agencies and each year there are more requests than we are able to award. That's when we turn to the PIG fund to help supplement one or more grant awards that may have been only partially funded.

Boosting Scholarship Awards

The Community Foundation manages over 120 scholarships that award over $1 Million each year to students across the region, many of whom have significant financial need. We use PIG funds every year to round up all scholarship awards to the nearest $100 to help boost their financial assistance.

Strengthening Nonprofits

The Nonprofit Practices Institute (a partnership with the Icicle Fund) offers workshops, trainings, and professional development opportunities for nonprofit boards, staff, and volunteers. Support from PIG fund helps bring additional training and resources to strengthen the nonprofit sector, increase the effectiveness of their donors’ gifts, and make a stronger impact in the communities they serve.

Protecting Charitable Resources

Managing your region’s charitable investments is an important role that requires skills, leadership, and trust. Your Community Foundation works to learn and understand the needs of the community and connect with people like you who want to give back to the place we love. PIG funds may help to support the foundation’s operations from time to time to ensure the financial resources continue to grow and remain accessible to support charitable causes in our communities forever.

The PIG Pen

We are grateful for and recognize our PIG Pen of supporters that have given in the last two years or set up recurring gifts to support the Partners in Giving fund!

Jessica Adams
John Agnew and Patty Hebert
Gregory Anderson
Kit and Sharron Arbuckle
Betty Avery
Chris Avey
Richard Baskin
Sarah Battis-Johnson
Bette Bayes
Russ & Cordy Beckstead
Robert Behrens
Dennis & Joycelyn Bolz
Mall & Tom Boyd
Reid and Susan Brockway
Pam Brulotte
Bob Bugert & Carolyn Griffin Bugert
Cascade Wealth Advisors
Bart & Sheila Clennon
Confluence Health
Mary & Dennis Conley
Barbara Congdon & Louis Van Doren
Judy Conner
Betsy Cushman & Barb Preston
Dani Dickson
Jennifer & Travis Dolge
Tom Duffy
Robert Ellison
Richard and Sharon Erickson
Estate Planning Council of NCW
Rachel Evey
Ron Feld & Lorna Klemanski
First Choice Collision Center
Leslie Freytag
Marion Gallentine
Dave & Sandy Gellatly
Jerry Gibbons
Jane Gilbertsen
Dr William and Julia Gotthold
Thomas & Marilyn Grover
John & Kathy Hamilton
Larry Harle
Deborah and Bill Hartl
Homestead Fund
Pat & Jack Innes
Lance & Michelle Jobe
Mary Lou Johnson
Dirk & Mary Kayser
Bob Kiesz
Lance & Lynn Kliewer
Lori Knerr
Dr. David & Kaye Kolde
Lori Ksander & Tom Dillon
Christopher Lam
Renae & Donald Lau
Sara Lippert
Robert L Long
Danielle Marchant
Marson & Marson Lumber
Ken Marson & Margaret Schlotfeldt Marson
Tom & Mary Ann McNair
Dick Murphy & Pearl Wolfe
Allison Neher
Bob & Pat Ogburn
Bonnie Orr
Doug & Katie Pauly
Greg & Leslie Peterson
Ryan Peterson
Beverly Puterbaugh
Peter & Karen Rutherford
Rosa Sanchez
Brent Schmitten
Eliot & Tina Scull
Gene & Carol Sharratt
Mac Shelton & Frauke Rynd
Randall & Donna Smith
Abe & Denise Sorom
Peter & Beth Spadoni
Gil & Kay Sparks
Speidel Bentsen LLC
Kathleen Spitzer
Mark & Nancy Spurgeon
Dr Chris & Mimi Stahler
Beth Stipe
James & Barbara Studnek
Ray & Betty Lee Taylor
Peter & Susan Valaas
Merridy Wallace
Mary Ann Warren
Darold & Mary Ellen Wax
Wenatchee Rotary Foundation
Heidi & Denny Weston
Dorthea White
Bob & Anne White
Lynn & Rana Wilcox
Ralph & Sonya Womack
Mary Ellen Wybenga


Tenoch Mandujano

Tenoch Mandujano

Scholarship Recipient

"My father was a migrant agricultural worker who eventually started his own cherry and apple orchard. [He] told me if I wanted to live a better life, I had to get an education. I plan on starting a career with the Chelan PUD with a passion for renewable energy and in turn give back to my parents and community for supporting my dreams.”


Chelan Douglas Volunteer Attorney Services


The Regional Impact Grant provided funds to hire a Housing Justice and Outreach Coordinator to visit rural and underserved areas. Rosie’s bilingual and bicultural skills and experience have increased equity of service. Rosie is building partnerships with local organizations through events such as the Columbia Valley Community Health’s Back to School Drive, as well as posting yard signs.


Aero Methow Rescue Service


Due to being rural, remote, and geographically isolated Aero Methow Rescue Service must be prepared to do more than respond to emergencies. We have become a healthcare partner who fills gaps in service.  This program allows our board the time and ability to work with a Strategic Planner to modify our plan to address those gaps.

$0 M


$0 M