Partners in Giving


Our youngest Partner in Giving, Carley Everson became our first “piglet”, setting a great example for young philanthropists in our communities.


Partners in Giving (PIG) is a program for individuals, families, businesses, groups, clubs – anyone that wants to support the work of the foundation without having to open a fund.

With a minimum gift of $50, you can support many initiatives that impact the region. Partners are recognized through Community Foundation communications including our website, email and print publications, news and social media. Your contribution is tax deductible.

The PIG program works a lot like a Piggy Bank: each year in May, the total amount of the PIG fund is used to support the work of the foundation. Our Board of Trustees determine the greatest needs where your donation can help our community, in the following areas:

Fund a Grant

The Community Foundation provides grant funding for nonprofit organizations, schools, and public agencies. Each year, there are more requests than we are able to award, resulting in partial funding. Partners in Giving helps supplement the grantmaking program – your participation could help to fully fund a grant award!

Support Scholarships

Thanks to generous people in our region, the Community Foundation manages over 90 funds that award nearly $500,000 in scholarships a year to students that live in communities across the region. Many of them would not be achieving their dreams of higher education without this financial support. Partners in Giving adds funding to several scholarships to boost financial assistance.

Strengthen Nonprofits

Through the Nonprofit Practices Institute (a partnership with the Icicle Fund), the Community Foundation offers workshops, trainings, and professional development opportunities for nonprofit boards, staff, and volunteers. Support from Partners in Giving helps strengthen the nonprofit sector helps to increase their effectiveness of their donors’ gifts and make a stronger impact in the communities they serve.

Protect Resources

Managing your region’s charitable investments is an important role that requires skills, leadership, and trust. Your Community Foundation works to learn and understand the needs of the community and connect with people like you who want to give back to the place we love. Partners in Giving helps to support the foundation’s operations to ensure the financial resources continue to grow and remain accessible to support charitable causes in our communities — for good, for ever.

The PIG Pen

Thank you to all of our PIGs (Partners in Giving) who support the good work of the foundation!

Flora Abuan
John Agnew and Patricia Hebert
Nicholas Babcokc and Kimberlee Craig
Eloise Barshes
Beth and David Stipe
Dennis and Joycelyn Bolz
Tom and Mall Boyd
Bob Bugert and Carolyn Grffin Bugert
Bumps Properties
Roger and Lucinda Bumps
Jeff and Darci Christoferson
Jeff and Brigid Chvilicek
Bart and Sheila Clennon
Confluence Health
Barbara Congdon and Louis Van Doren
Judy Conner
Cordell Neher and Company
Crunch Pak LLC
Betsy Cushman and Barb Preston
Chad and Bradi Dahmen
Jane Davis
Lisa Day
Claudia DeRobles
Jennifer and Travis Dolge
Doug and Katie Pauly
Shane and Amy Hamon
Theresa Druzak
Brenda Dunn
Steve and Lila Edlund
Eliot and Tina Scull
Donn and Kathryn Etherington
Carley Everson
Ron Feld and Lorna Klemanski
Arnold and Elmira Forner
First Choice Collision Center
Tony and Leslie Freytag
Ray and Betty Lee Taylor
Jerry Gibbons
Gil and Kay Sparks
Jane Gilbertsen
Scott and Marcia Green
The Joel Burke Grette, Jr. Memorial Fund
John and kathy Hamilton
Kristy Harris
Hartl Family
Historic Ruby Theater
Craig and Maureen Homchick
Homchick, Smith & Associates
Susan Hufman
Diane Carson
Ken and Karen Jackson
Mary Lou Johnson
William Johnson
Melissa Knott
Lori Ksander and Tom Dillon
Don and Renae Lau
Kris Loomis
Stacy Luckensmeyer
Danielle and Jeff Marchant
Marson and Marson Lumber
Ken Marson and Margaret Schlotfeldt
Jim and Sue Martin
Tom and Mary Ann Warren
Brooke Page and Chad McBride
Don McCannel
Tyler Mikey
Jeff and Janet Middleton
Robger and Susan Miller
William and Nobi Morris
Pearl Wolfe and Dick Murphy
Jeff and Bev Neher
Allison Neher
Kim Neher and Jennifer Netz
Craig and Connie Nelson
Ogden Murphy Wallace
James and Wenda O’Reilly
Bonnie Orr
Jeff and Heather Ostenson
Peter and Susan Valaas
Erik and Marci Peterson
Roger and Rosalyn Purdom
Steve and Julie Robinson
The Rolves
Rutherford Family
Gene and Linda Schatz
Dale Scott and Alisa Pederson
Ron and Lisa Skagen
Denise and Abe Sorom
Speidel Law Firm
Russ and Jean Speidel
Mark and Nancy Spurgeon
Mike Steele
Kacy Struzzieri
Greg and Kris Taylor
The Larry J. Harle Family Charitable Fund
Doris Thompson
Barbara Congdon and Louis Van Doren
VitaGreen LLC
Tom and Mary Ann Warren
Wenatchee Golf & Country Club
Bob and Anne White
Wilf and Kathy Woods
Gaylen and Bruce Willett
Dirk and Mary Ellen Wybenga


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