Thanksgiving Day - December 31

Give NCW is an online fundraising campaign that supports nonprofits in North Central Washington.

  • From Thanksgiving Day to December 31, visit to donate to one or more nonprofits.
  • Minimum donation is just $10 and we take care of the credit card fees so 100% of your donation directly support the nonprofits.
  • All donations are tax-deductible.

Who Can Participate?

Organizations must meet the following criteria and and complete a Participation Form.

  • 501c3 public charity headquartered in Chelan, Douglas, or Okanogan counties (excluding the Methow Valley) in good standing
  • Previous grantee of the Community Foundation (Helping Hands, Regional Impact Grant, Nonprofit Reemergence Grant, Strategic Consulting)
  • Fiscally sponsored groups, government agencies, membership organizations, and service clubs are ineligible

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Donating to Give NCW

Thanksgiving Day - December 31, visit to view the list of nonprofit participants and click on the Donate button next to the organization you want to support. You can donate to one or several nonprofits in one, easy transaction and 100% of your donation goes to the nonprofits you support – we take care of the credit card fees.

To donate by check or cash, it must be received by December 31st and mailed or delivered to:

9 S Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee WA 98801

Please indicate on your check or enclosed note on how you want your donation to be distributed. Tax receipts are mailed to the address on the check within 48 hours.

Each organization completes a participant form and we perform a "charity check" to ensure they are in good standing. 

Donations to "Give to All" will support all participating nonprofits - the final amount is equally distributed to all participating organizations. This is a great way to support all Give NCW participants!

Each time you donate on a "Funday Monday" (every Monday of the campaign), your name will be entered to win $500 or more to use on Give NCW any way you choose! Applies only to online gifts.

Once you complete your online donation, you will receive two emails: one is a confirmation of your transaction, the other will include your detailed tax receipt.

We will share your contact information and donation amount to the organizations you support so they can send you special recognition and thanks.

If you do not wish your information to be shared, you can choose to be anonymous and we’ll keep your donation private.

Do you have a Donor Advised Fund at the foundation? You can support Give NCW directly from your account online! Just login here, click on “Grant Catalog”, and enter the donation amount for the nonprofits you want to support. It’s fast, easy, and fun! Learn more about our Donor Advised Funds.

If you have a Donor Advised Fund with another entity, you will request the donation to go to Community Foundation of NCW - Give NCW. If you want to support multiple organizations with your gift, we will email you an electronic "Giving Card" which you can redeem online. You'll be able to choose which organizations you want to support and the dollar amount and checkout using the card number. If you only want to support one organization or "Give to All", you can indicate that on your DAF request and we will apply as requested.

Should you have questions or need assistance during your giving experience, please call (509) 663-7716 or email and we will be happy to assist you!


Tenoch Mandujano

Tenoch Mandujano

Scholarship Recipient

"My father was a migrant agricultural worker who eventually started his own cherry and apple orchard. [He] told me if I wanted to live a better life, I had to get an education. I plan on starting a career with the Chelan PUD with a passion for renewable energy and in turn give back to my parents and community for supporting my dreams.”


Chelan Douglas Volunteer Attorney Services


The Regional Impact Grant provided funds to hire a Housing Justice and Outreach Coordinator to visit rural and underserved areas. Rosie’s bilingual and bicultural skills and experience have increased equity of service. Rosie is building partnerships with local organizations through events such as the Columbia Valley Community Health’s Back to School Drive, as well as posting yard signs.


Aero Methow Rescue Service


Due to being rural, remote, and geographically isolated Aero Methow Rescue Service must be prepared to do more than respond to emergencies. We have become a healthcare partner who fills gaps in service.  This program allows our board the time and ability to work with a Strategic Planner to modify our plan to address those gaps.

$0 M


$0 M