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Regional Impact Grants support a variety of programs that meet vital needs and improve the quality of life in NCW communities.

Regional Impact Grants support a variety of programs that meet community needs and enhance the quality of life across North Central Washington.

Application Opens: June 1

Application Deadline: August 1

The Regional Impact Grant (RIG) is the Community Foundation of NCW’s largest grant funding opportunity for nonprofits in the NCW region. The RIG program has funded over $3.7 million in charitable work that has helped improve lives and enhance our communities.

Offered once per year, the Regional Impact Grants support general operating needs and/or specific projects for eligible charitable organizations in Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan Counties. Grant awards will be published in an online giving catalog, Give NCW, with the goal of leveraging the community’s support to help complete the goal for the total grant request.


How to Apply

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Grant Guidelines

Receiving a Regional Impact Grant means you also have an opportunity to participate in the Give NCW crowdfunding campaign. The RIG is an opportunity to seek funding directly from the foundation to support a nonprofit project or operations, while the Give NCW component brings awareness to your project and seeks funding from the community to help reach your goal.

  1. Regional Impact Grant: Applicants will apply for the Regional Impact Grant through our online application process. Each application will be reviewed and each applicant will participate in a site visit where a team of CFNCW staff, board, and volunteers will meet with each applicant to learn more about your organization and your request. If your organization is chosen to receive an award, you have the option to participate in the Give NCW campaign.
  2. Give NCW: The second phase is a crowdfunding effort through an online grant catalog featuring the Regional Impact Grants awarded. CFNCW promotes Give NCW across the region and invites the general public to donate toward completing the remainder of the funding request. CFNCW will provide regular incentives (which may include matches and/or bonuses) to motivate giving. There will be training available for participating nonprofits to learn how best to take advantage of this opportunity.
  3. Funding Request: There is no maximum amount of funding that can be requested; however, Regional Impact Grant awards are not likely to exceed $10,000. CFNCW will award a portion (up to 75%) of the overall request, based on several factors, and the remaining amount will be published on GiveNCW for the public to help complete. Funds must be expended within one year of the award date. When deciding what size of project is best suited to perform well on GiveNCW, please keep in mind that the 2015 participants in GiveNCW raised an average of $6,000 additional dollars from the community.  (The least amount raised by donations from the general public was $490, the most raised was $13,644. This resulted in total grants that ranged from $7,845 to $26,656.) Organizations who opt-out of Give NCW will still only receive partial funding for their request.
  4. Notification: Regional Impact Grant awards will be announced in early November. The Give NCW campaign will open on Thanksgiving Day and end on December 31. The total grant award (Regional Impact Grant plus gifts through Give NCW) will be disbursed in January.

Activities Considered for Support

  • Programs and projects that serve a broad sector of the community (or a particularly vulnerable or at-risk population) and help resolve important existing or emerging community issues.
  • Programs and projects that will enable nonprofit and charitable agencies to reduce costs, increase efficiency and move toward self-sufficiency.
  • “Seed Grants” to initiate promising new projects and programs so that such projects and programs are able to demonstrate their usefulness to the community
  • Final funding for capital campaigns. Capital campaign must be at least 70% complete before CFNCW will consider for a Regional Impact Grant.
  • General operating support.

Activities Generally NOT Considered for Support

  • Endowment, annual fund drives, budget deficits and debt reduction
  • Multi-year grants
  • Religious based activities
  • Funding for items purchased or activities completed prior to grant decisions
  • Sponsorships for fundraising, for-profit events or recurring events directly related to organizational fundraising
  • Grants for political campaigns or organizations that directly or indirectly participate in them

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Grants are for 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations in Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties, with the exception of those that serve the Methow Valley. Government entities, (excluding public educational institutions,) and religious organizations defined by the IRS in Section 170(c)1 or 170(b)1A are also eligible. All other organizations are required to have a 501c3 fiscal sponsor prior to submitting a grant request.
  • Multiple Regional Impact Grant applications in any one grant cycle from the same organization will not be accepted (exception is for organizations acting as fiscal sponsor for community projects or programs). Regional Impact Grants and Helping Hands grants are separate programs; an application in one program does not preclude an organization’s ability to apply for the other.
  • Grantees who have received a Regional Impact Grant must wait out one grant cycle (one year) before reapplying.
  • All eligible grant requests must participate in a site visit by a team comprised of CFNCW staff, board members and/or community volunteers. CFNCW selects site visit team members who do not have conflicts of interest with the applicant.
  • Grant funds must be expended within one year of award date.
  • Final grant evaluation reports will be required to be submitted by the grantees or fiscal sponsors. Organizations that fail to submit final grant reports will be ineligible to apply for further funding from CFNCW.
  • Grant applicants must be responsible fiscal agents practicing general accepted accounting principles. CFNCW will ascertain this through financial statements provided in the grant application.
  • No grants will be made specifically for religious purposes but can be made to religious organizations for general community programs (see Grant Guidelines and Policies).
  • Requests supporting the Fire recovery efforts are ineligible for Regional Impact Grant. For information on supporting recovery, email or contact our office.
  • No grants will be made for projects, programs, and/or equipment that were completed or acquired prior to the scheduled grant award date.
  • The Board of Directors is responsible for final grant decisions and authorizes distribution of grants pursuant to these and other guidelines established by the Community Foundation.


In reviewing grant proposals, the Community Foundation generally utilizes the following evaluation criteria:

  • Is there an established need for the project or program for which the grant is requested? How was that need determined? (statistical data, client waiting lists, documented lack of services, etc.)
  • Is the organization in a position to impact the need? (strong leadership-board, volunteer and staff, well-crafted policies and procedures, broad funding base)
  • Are the services of the organization well planned and likely to succeed? (realistic budget – both income and expenses, operating or business plan in place, evaluation or outcomes targeted and measures in place)
  • Special attention will be given to those grant applications which include collaboration between two or more nonprofit applicant organizations in carrying out the proposed project(s)
  • Applicants should be prepared for a site visit of their agency at the mutual convenience of the applicant and the Community Foundation’s Grant Committee. Further, the Grants Committee and the Community Foundation Board retain the option of holding an application open in order to request further information from the applying organization. The decision to request additional information is at the sole discretion of the Grant Committee and/or the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is responsible for final grant decisions and will distribute grants pursuant to guidelines that the Community Foundation has established.

Grant Reports

All grant recipients are required to submit a Grant Report 45 days after the close of the grand period indicated on the Grant Agreement. Future grant requests will not be considered if reports on previously funded projects are outstanding.


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