Community Foundation of NCW Awards 2nd Round of Covid Relief

The Community Foundation of NCW has awarded $15,927 in its second round of Helping Hands Grants to nonprofits struggling with the effects of Covid-19.

The Helping Hands Grant provides emergent funding to nonprofits in Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties and has expanded its criteria to those impacted by Covid. Awards are disbursed every other week until funds are expended.

Over $245,000 has been donated to the Helping Hands Grant since March 1st. These donations are imperative for the foundation to continue awarding funds.

“We cannot thank these donors enough for their generosity during this time” said Beth Stipe, the foundation’s executive director. “We were able to seed this fund with $45,000, which has already been awarded in this first month. We know this will be a marathon, so these contributions are crucial to continue supporting our nonprofit partners and the important work they do across our region as more needs arise.”


  • Methow at Home – $2,028 Free memberships for 6 aging in place residents during Covid, such as food delivery and phone buddy system
  • Methow Housing Trust – $1,500 Support for providing Covid-related housing resources to individuals in need
  • Numerica PAC – $3,000 Recoup direct costs from cancelled event and production of digital campaign for 2021 season
  • Office Moms and Dads – $1,804 Basic needs, therapeutic toys, and increased recruitment for volunteers who provide companionship to children during office visits that are transitioning to foster care
  • Okanogan Land Trust – $1,035 Updated equipment for safe remote work
  • Okanogan Regional Humane Society – $2,560 Recoup direct costs from cancelled event
  • PowerHouse Ministries – $1,000 Sanitation and supplies for day shelter for homeless individuals
  • The Cove – $3,000 Support for increased individuals and families needing food and financial help

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Community Foundation of NCW Awards $89,750 in Covid-19 Relief to Nonprofits

The Community Foundation of NCW has awarded $89,750 to 24 nonprofits across the region who have been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The funds come from the Helping Hands Grant, the Board of Trustees Fund, and donations from the public.

“When we started to see the effect the pandemic was having on our nonprofit community, we knew we had to use our resources to help” said Beth Stipe, the foundation’s executive director. “We expanded the criteria for our Helping Hands grant – which typically funds emergent needs – to include issues our nonprofit partners are facing with Covid-19”.

The foundation also utilized its Board of Trustee fund, where board members donate to this “rainy day” type fund. The Board approved using $55,000 toward supporting nonprofits that provide vital services such as access to food and rental assistance. Agencies receiving a distribution from this fund include: Chelan-Douglas Community Action Council,  Okanogan County Community Action Council,  Room One (Methow Valley), Serve Wenatchee, Salvation Army (Wenatchee), Children’s Home Society of Wenatchee, Safety, Advocacy, Growth, and Empowerment (SAGE), and Chelan Valley Hope.

“We are looking at all of our resources right now and where they can help the most” said Stipe. “We are being thoughtful about what we can do right now, but also be poised to support the region in the long run. We know from our past experiences from the recession and from wildfire disaster recoveries, the needs of our communities will likely increase.”

Over $100,000 has been donated by Community Foundation donors and the public. “We’re so grateful for those in our community who are able to give what they can and help those in need right now” said Stipe.


  • Garden Terrace Senior Living – $1,600 Individual meal service during dining room closure
  • Icicle Creek Center for the Arts – $3,000 Recoup direct costs from cancelled event
  • Life Choices – $300 Recoup direct costs from cancelled event
  • Methow Valley Citizens Council – $800 Recoup direct costs from cancelled event
  • Mobile Meals of Wenatchee – $1,700 Increased meal delivery service for home-bound citizens
  • North Valley Hospital District – $3,000 Supplies to 3D-print 200 N95 masks with reusable inserts
  • Okanogan County Community Coalition – $3,000 Fabricating PPE including masks and gowns for local healthcare workers and emergency responders
  • Omak Food Bank – $3,000 Increased food bank demands
  • The Community for the Advancement of Family Education (CAFÉ) – $3,000 Outreach to Spanish-speaking community on Covid-19 and available resources
  • Thrive Chelan Valley – $3,000 Weekend food support for Chelan/Manson students
  • TwispWorks Foundation – $3,000 Connecting small local businesses impacted to resources
  • Wellness Place – $3,000 Gas cards for patients needing to travel to appointments and increased costs for shipping nutritional food
  • Wenatchee River Institute – $750 Recoup direct costs from cancelled event
  • Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center – $1,000 Technology and equipment to support the move to Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) mediation services
  • Wenatchee Valley Humane Society – $3,000 Pet Food Pantry that provides for low-income pet owners
  • Wenatchee Valley Symphony Association – $1,600 Recoup direct costs from cancelled event

The foundation is accepting donations to the Helping Hands Grant Fund and hopes to continue awarding grants every other week until funds are expended.

For more information on grants, resources, and how to donate, visit our Covid-19 Response Support page.

Community Foundation of NCW Expands Grant for COVID-19 Response

In response to the COVID-19 heath crisis, the Community Foundation of NCW has expanded its Helping Hands Grant Program to include supporting nonprofits organizations significantly impacted by the pandemic.

The Helping Hands Grant Program provides financial resources to nonprofit organizations in Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties faced with unexpected and emergent needs. The foundation’s Board of Trustees has given authority to expand the existing criteria and application process to better respond to nonprofits’ current and imminent needs.

“We know that this is going to be a very difficult time for our nonprofit community and those they serve” said Gil Sparks, the foundation’s board chair.  “It is our hope that broadening the criteria for this grant will help our nonprofit community continue to provide critical services to our communities and help weather this storm.”

NCW communities are already beginning to feel the short and long term effects impacting our workforce, economies, and families who were already struggling with affordable housing, affordable child care, and food insecurity. The foundation has a long history of supporting nonprofits serving those vulnerable populations during times of crisis.

“We are still intensely aware of the lessons learned from the 2008 recession and the devastating wildfires from 2014 and 2015 – recovery from this outbreak is going to require significant resources for the long term” said Beth Stipe, executive director. “The Staff and Board know that we need to prepare for a marathon, not just a sprint. The expansion of this grant funding is setting those preparations in motion.”

The foundation has been connecting and working with nonprofit partners across the region to understand their needs. “We need to adjust our program to be responsive.” Said Claire Oatey, director of community grants.  “We anticipate the grant application to be open very soon. In the meantime, we are reaching out to our donors and the community to donate to the Helping Hands Grant and help us provide additional grants than our current budget allows.”

The Helping Hands Grant has been seeded with $45,000 from the Community Foundation. All contributions to the Helping Hands Grant will help to provide the financial resources to meet the current and future recovery needs of our region.




Community Foundation Accepting Applications for Stronger Schools Grant

The Community Foundation of NCW is now accepting applications for its Stronger Schools grant, open to public schools and School Districts serving Pre-K-12th grade students in Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties.

The grant offers up to $5,000 for programs that enrich school experiences for students, support teacher development, and other actives that allow schools to better achieve their goals.

Only one application may be submitted per school and can include several different projects by teachers, staff, etc.; however, each school can only be awarded up to $5,000. School Districts can apply separately with a $5,000 cap as well.

Over $462,000 has been disbursed to schools across the region since the grant program started in 2011. Last year, $70,000 was disbursed in Stronger Schools grants.

“Historically, we funded schools and nonprofits from a single grant program, but as our resources grew, we saw an opportunity to offer a program that met our public schools’ specific needs” said Beth Stipe, the foundation’s executive director. “It allows us to focus our efforts on helping make a significant impact for education in our region.”

Grants are awarded in June and will support the 2020-2021 school year.


Community Foundation Accepting Applications for Scholarships

The Community Foundation of NCW is now accepting scholarship applications for students who plan to attend community college, university, or trade school in Fall 2020.

Over 100 scholarships are available to high school seniors, current college students, and non-traditional students, each with unique criteria and award amounts. Most scholarships seek to support students who have served their community, show growth and potential, and demonstrate financial need.

Applications must be submitted online. An eligibility quiz helps students determine the scholarships for which they are eligible to apply. The online process also allows students to apply for multiple scholarships at one time.

Application deadline for most scholarships is March 1st. Students may need FAFSA or other financial information to complete the application, as well as letters of recommendations from teachers and mentors, SAT scores (for some), and school transcripts, so proper planning is highly recommended.

“All of our scholarships have been established by people in our region who care about helping local students achieve their education dreams” said Julie Mott, scholarship program specialist. “Each was created with a certain student in mind, so there is really something for everyone. We encourage anyone who plans on going to college or trade school this fall to apply.”

Last year, over a $660,000 in scholarships was awarded to students across North Central Washington.


Give NCW Brings in Record Number of Donations for Nonprofits

The Community Foundation of NCW has awarded $533,621 to 25 nonprofits across the region, with $278,621 of that coming from public donations through Give NCW – a record number since the effort began in 2015. The remaining amount comes from grants awarded by the foundation.

Give NCW is an online giving catalog comprised of 25 nonprofits who have received a Regional Impact Grant from the Community Foundation for a portion of their request, but need additional funds to meet their full goal. Minimum donation to Give NCW is just $10 and 100% of the donations go directly to the nonprofits – the foundation even takes care of the credit card fees – and all donations are tax-deductible.

“We started Give NCW to showcase the work of our region’s nonprofits and give people an opportunity to support them easily, and at any level” said Beth Stipe, the foundation’s executive director. “It’s a great way to learn about what’s going on in your community, and be part of making it happen.”

Give NCW begins each year on Thanksgiving Day through December 31st. The Regional Impact Grant opens on June 1, 2020.

Organization Name RIG Award Give NCW Total
Art On the Avenues – Beauty of Bronze $10,000.00 $6,420.06 $16,420.06
Cashmere Food Bank – General Support $9,000.00 $9,692.20 $18,692.20
CDC Volunteer Attorney Services – General Support $10,000.00 $5,860.06 $15,860.06
Children’s Home Society – Readiness to Learn Program $14,000.00 $16,667.20 $30,667.20
Conservation Northwest – Wildlife Crossing on Highway 97 $11,000.00 $7,812.20 $18,812.20
Green Okanogan – General Support $7,000.00 $3,767.20 $10,767.20
Lake Chelan Health and Wellness Foundation – General Support $7,000.00 $1,830.05 $8,830.05
Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue Volunteer Firefighters Association – AEDs $10,000.00 $6,215.06 $16,215.06
Lighthouse Clinic – Dental Clinic $10,000.00 $12,730.06 $22,730.06
Manson Park & Recreation District – Singleton Park Support $7,000.00 $1,465.05 $8,465.05
Methow Arts Alliance – Art Education in Okanogan County $10,000.00 $1,830.05 $11,830.05
Mobile Meals of Wenatchee – General Support $9,000.00 $11,897.20 $20,897.20
Northwest Immigrant Rights Project – General Support $13,000.00 $30,982.20 $43,982.20
Packing Friendship – General Support $6,500.00 $8,417.20 $14,917.20
Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho – Free Cerivcal Cancer Screenings $14,000.00 $37,802.20 $51,802.20
SAGE: Domestic & Sexual Violence Crisis Center – Housing Assistance Program $10,000.00 $18,767.20 $28,767.20
Stage Kids WA – General Support $10,000.00 $8,165.06 $18,165.06
TEAMS Learning Center – General Support $7,000.00 $7,767.20 $14,767.20
The Brave Warrior Project – General Support $7,500.00 $6,279.20 $13,779.20
The Trust for Public Land – Kiwanis Methow Park Project $13,000.00 $7,717.20 $20,717.20
Thrive Chelan Valley – Trauma Training for Mentors $12,000.00 $3,185.05 $15,185.05
Wenatchee River Institute – General Support $11,000.00 $10,760.06 $21,760.06
Wenatchee Valley Humane Society – Spay and Neuter Fund $14,000.00 $10,320.06 $24,320.06
Wenatchee Valley TREAD – Mapping App $9,000.00 $5,255.06 $14,255.06
Women’s Resource Center of NCW – Bruce Transitional Housing $14,000.00 $37,017.20 $51,017.20
  $255,000.00 $278,621.28 $533,621.28


Community Foundation of NCW Awards $268,000 in Grants to NCW Nonprofits

The Community Foundation of NCW has awarded $268,000 through its Regional Impact Grant to 27 nonprofits across North Central Washington.

The Regional Impact Grant is an annual, competitive grant open to nonprofit organizations serving Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties to support specific projects or general operations. There is no cap to the funding request; however, the average award is around $10,000.

Each applicant is visited by a team of Community Foundation staff and Board Trustees to learn more about their organization and grant request. Over 60 applications were submitted, making this year’s grant very competitive.

Twenty-five of the awarded organizations were selected to participate in Give NCW, an online giving campaign starting Thanksgiving Day through December 31st. Each of the recipients received a portion of their grant request, and Give NCW is an opportunity for the community to donate and help them reach their full request goal.

“Give NCW is a great way for anyone to participate in community philanthropy” said Beth Stipe, the foundation’s executive director. “It’s just a $10 minimum donation, and there are several types of organizations that anyone can connect with and support. It’s an easy way for us all to come together to lift our communities.”


Art On the Avenues Beauty of Bronze $10,000
Cashmere Food Bank Feeding Our Community $9,000
Chelan Douglas County Volunteer Attorney Services “Justice for All” through Community Outreach $10,000
Children’s Home Society of Washington Giving Students a Better Chance $14,000
Conservation Northwest Okanogan Wildlife Crossing Campaign: Saving Lives on Highway 97 $11,000
Green Okanogan Keep Recycling GOing Strong $7,000
Lake Chelan Health and Wellness Foundation Help us Make a Healthier Chelan Valley! $7,000
Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue Volunteer Firefighters Association Help Save a Life with Public Access AEDs $10,000
Lighthouse Clinic “An Ounce of Prevention” Toothbrush Project $10,000
Manson Park & Recreation District Help keep the “PLAY” in Singleton Park’s playground! $7,000
Methow Arts Alliance FREE Arts Education Programs for Students in 5 School Districts $10,000
Mobile Meals of Wenatchee Meal Delivery Service for Those in Need $9,000
Northwest Immigrant Rights Project Protecting Families, Strengthening Communities $13,000
Packing Friendship (Fiscal: Grace Lutheran Church) Weekend Backpack Program Feeds Hungry Kids $6,500
Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho Patient Fund for Cervical Cancer Screening and Early Intervention $14,000
SAGE: Domestic & Sexual Violence Crisis Center SAGE’s Housing Assistance Program $10,000
Stage Kids WA Building Characters, One Child at a Time! $10,000
TEAMS Learning Center PLAY WITH A PURPOSE: Teaching Young Children and their Parents $7,000
The Brave Warrior Project It’s Kind of Fun to do the Impossible! $7,500
The Trust for Public Land Fill Kiwanis Methow Park with Laughter and Learning $13,000
Thrive Chelan Valley Trauma Training for Mentors $12,000
Wenatchee River Institute Get Young Students in Touch with Nature $11,000
Wenatchee Valley Humane Society Planned Pethood: Spay and Neuter Fund $14,000
Wenatchee Valley TREAD TREAD MAPS: Find and Protect Your Next Outdoor Adventure $9,000
Women’s Resource Center of NCW Bruce Transitional Housing Program $14,000
Lilac Services for the Blind – not participating in Give NCW Technology Training $9,000
Rotary Club of East Wenatchee – not participating in Give NCW East Wenatchee Rotary Futsal Field $4,000

The next Regional Impact Grant will open June 1, 2020.

To learn more about Give NCW and donate, visit

What’s so great about a Donor Advised Fund?

By Kristine Loomis, CPA, CVA, Managing Principal, Cordell Neher & Company

In a recent meeting, I suggested a client consider opening a Donor Advised Fund and they asked, “what’s so great about them?”. I mentioned they were a great option for charitable giving flexibility in tax planning, and we moved on.

But as I consider the overall grandness of the Donor Advised Fund, it is important to know that they offer something for nearly every giver.

As a result of the most recent tax reform, the standard deduction was increased to $24,000 for married couples and $12,000 for singles. At those levels, many of us are unable to itemize our deductions and our charitable contributions no longer help us for tax purposes. While none of us are charitable purely because we get a tax deduction, the tax deduction is an incentive for us to give consistently, or perhaps just a little bit more.

Using a Donor Advised Fund to “stack your donations” is an effective charitable giving opportunity which allows you to make multiple years’ worth of annual donations in one tax year.

When taking advantage of this tax option, you deduct the donation in the year of the gift on your tax return. You then have flexibility to have the invested money sent to the charity(s) of your choice, in the year of your choice.

For example, you could donate $24,000 to a donor advised fund in 2019 and then send $8,000 per year for the next three years to the charity(s) of your choice. The tax deduction would be taken in 2019 for the donation made to the donor advised fund plus any other itemized deductions (property taxes, sales tax, and mortgage interest) and the charity(s) would receive a donation over the next three-year period according to your specific instructions.

This tax planning technique can be particularly beneficial in a year in with significant tax events, such as a large IRA distribution, ROTH conversion, sale of an appreciated asset, or a large bonus. Not only do you get the benefit of the tax deduction, you get the deduction at a higher tax rate.

In addition to charitable donation stacking, your donor advised fund (which grows over time) allows for purposeful giving as a family and allows you to pass along a legacy of charitable giving to your children. By investing in their donor advised fund, you will benefit from the tax deduction and have the option to donate to any qualified charitable organization on your own schedule.

Using the Community Foundation of NCW’s Donor Advised Fund gives you the opportunity to maximize the benefits of charitable giving. It’s easy, effective, and controlled giving with tax benefits. You can even make your donation anonymous if that’s your preference.

I encourage you to speak with your CPA, lawyer, or financial planner about these charitable giving options and how they can benefit you and those causes you care about!

Give Methow campaign raises $304,733 for Methow Valley Nonprofits

The Community Foundation of NCW’s 5th annual Give Methow campaign has raised $304,733 for 36 Methow Valley nonprofits – nearly $30,000 more than last year.

Give Methow is an annual crowdfunding campaign hosted by the Community Foundation during the month of October to build awareness of nonprofit work that benefits the Methow Valley and provide an easy way for anyone to support their work.

“Our goal for Give Methow is to get more people involved in philanthropy” said Beth Stipe, the foundation’s executive director. “We want to build awareness of local nonprofits and give people an easy, rewarding way to support their work – at any level.”

Any 501c3 public charity in the Methow Valley is eligible to participate in Give Methow to raise up to $10,000 for a specific program or general operations. Each organization fosters a unique and meaningful area that improves the quality of life for Methow Valley residents – from the arts to environment, health and housing, to education, recreation, and community services.

An anonymous donor seeded a $20,000 stretch pool to incentivize and bolster fundraising efforts. With over $9,000 in additional gifts to the pool, the total was disbursed among all nonprofits based on the amount they raised, providing many with an extra $1,000.

Another incentive, Funday Monday, resulting in the largest giving days throughout the month. Each time someone gave on a Monday, their name was entered to win $500 or more to give back on Give Methow any way they choose. The largest Funday Monday accepted 425 gifts totaling over $33,000.

What’s more – this year’s Give Methow campaign also produced a spectacular milestone: over $1 Million has been raised since Give Methow began in 2015. The foundation continues to be inspired by the generosity of the people who care about building a healthy, vibrant Methow Valley for all.


Aero Methow Rescue Service $11,532.13
American Legion Post 0143 Methow Valley $898.46
Cascadia Music $5,651.38
Classroom in Bloom $11,082.13
Confluence Gallery $8,996.39
Cove Methow Valley Food Bank $11,282.13
Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance- Methow Chapter $6,882.28
Friends of the Twisp Pool $11,059.18
Friends of the Winthrop Library $11,082.13
Jamie’s Place $8,427.65
Little Star School $11,132.13
Loup Loup Ski Education Foundation $11,082.13
Methow Arts $6,976.12
Methow at Home $11,082.13
Methow Beaver Project $6,953.17
Methow Conservancy $11,247.13
Methow Housing Trust $11,182.13
Methow Recycles $11,382.13
Methow Trails $11,757.13
Methow Trails Collaborative $3,441.14
Methow Valley Chamber Music Festival $2,190.25
Methow Valley Citizens Council $11,132.13
Methow Valley Community Center $8,605.35
Methow Valley Education Foundation $11,957.13
Methow Valley Interpretive Center $6,727.53
Methow Valley Nordic Ski Educational Foundation $9,953.03
Methow Valley Riding Unlimited $2,990.76
Methow Watershed Foundation $4,555.24
Northwest Outward Bound School $6,615.74
Public School Funding Alliance $11,082.13
Room One $11,182.13
Shafer Historical Museum $4,892.67
The Merc Playhouse $6,372.15
Twisp Valley Grange $4,395.49
TwispWorks $9,222.27
Winthrop Rink $9,770.34


Community Foundation Awards $666,040 in Scholarships to NCW Students

Scholarship award disbursements have grown an average 35% per year. The 2019 total award amount is the largest the foundation has disbursed to date.

The Community Foundation of NCW has awarded 307 scholarships to 200 students across North Central Washington, totaling $666,040 – a record disbursement for the foundation.

The Community Foundation manages over 100 scholarships established by individuals, families, and businesses who feel passionate about making higher education more accessible for local students. Each scholarship is unique, as the criteria is set by the donor.

“These scholarships support such a diverse range of students” said Julie Mott, scholarship program specialist. “Some focus on area of study while others seek to help the students who have overcome obstacles. There are opportunities for nearly every student.”

Most scholarships aim to support students with the greatest financial need and help ease the financial burden many students face as they work toward their dreams of higher education. One scholarship awardee attending Wenatchee Valley College this year wrote “I’m the first in my family to go to college and because of my parent’s financial status, I will have to pay for it all on my own. This scholarship will help lower the debt I will come out with after college”.

This year, over 3,000 applications were received and reviewed by Scholarships Committees that are comprised of over 250 volunteers across the region. The committees recommend finalists for the awards, which are reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees.

“We could not do this work without the commitment and dedication of our volunteers” said Mott. “They have the difficult task of selecting the right candidate for each award, in the spirit of what the donor intended. We cannot thank them enough for their efforts.”

Since 2003, over $5 million in scholarships from the foundation have been awarded, and annual award disbursements continue to grow each year (see graph). Contributing to this growth are new scholarship funds being established each year as well as the investment returns.

“With all endowed funds including scholarships, the foundation pools and invests them for long term growth” said Beth Stipe, executive director. “This means the foundation is able to continue disbursing these scholarships forever – and the awards grow over time. It’s a lasting investment in the youth of our region.”

The next opportunity to apply for scholarships is January 1, 2020.


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